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EBay the place to buy baby related items?

Written on June 22, 2005 by Kevin.

Recently my wife took the chance to search on eBay for baby clothes and other related items. It certainly appears that there are bargains to be found within this category because we were able to find a lot of 14 baby sleepers and gowns for only $22 shipped. Now I have to admit these were used but from the picture and now that I have them in my hands, they are still in great quality. I think the average parent can acknowledge that this is a great deal. Larger, more expensive items are also sold at low prices it seems as well including new breast pumps which I found selling for $25 shipped rather than $40 in the store for the same item. Now you may be thinking, when you buy online, Its difficult to return it if you don't like it. Well that is also the case in the store, they refuse to let you return a breast pump even if it has never been opened.
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