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Rylan's Beach Toy

Written on April 30, 2007 by Kevin.

We picked this toy up to use when we go to the beach next time we head over to California but Rylan was interested in checking it now. He had a blast.

Week in Review

Written on April 27, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Here we are again, another week has come and gone.

This week I have been focusing very hard on learning new words. My big word right now is saying bye. I have been waving (to strangers even) for a couple months but I am just now getting the hang of when to say bye. Now I sit in my car and say bye over and over again until I get it right. It can be a bit frustrating at times. My other word that I am working hard on is baby. I have been saying it for a bit but its one of my specialties now. I like to pat my moms stomach and say baby. My mom loves it.

Books, books, books galore! My mom and dad have been purchasing books from before I was even born and it is now paying off. I love to read and be read too. Anytime throughout the day is story time. I can't get enough of my dad reading me books. He does so well at it.

Last night we went to Pei Wei Asian Diner and boy was that yummy. We have been there a few other times and it has always been great. They are very kid friendly because they have an endless supply of fortune cookies. The rest of the food is great as well and I really like eating their teriyaki chicken and rice. Last night, I stole one of my dads onions and had a try. Despite the slight sour face I gave, it went down easily and I didn't spit it out. My mom told me my breath would stink for the rest of the night now. I decided to give her a kiss later last night and she told me it did stink. She is funny.

Oh ya, speaking of kissing. I do that now too. My mom helped me learn this one so now I mainly give her kisses but occasionally my dad gets a few as well. I like going back between the two of them and giving them each smooches. I know my dad felt special the first time he got a kiss.

I think that may be it for this weeks developments. Tune in next week for another thrilling update!

Free Coloring Pages

Written on April 26, 2007 by Kevin.

Coloring books. A great travel toy and all around entertainer. We have been working with Rylan on learning how to color on a piece of paper. We had been able to find DoodleBops and a couple other Disney related ones. He of course is amazed when we turn the pages and he gets to see a new character or scene.

Welcome Google Images, which will allow you to search for images throughout the internet. Looking for free coloring pages? This is your place. In fact, a quick search for 'coloring pages' shows a massive 279,000 results. Of course, some of these are not actual coloring pages but it is a great way to pass the day looking for great pictures. Take note, some of these are not full paper size but if you display only large images, you can still show over 4,200 results.

Looking for even more coloring pages? Check out your kid's favorite television show websites and they are most likely going to have them for you. We have been able to snag a massive amount from the Disney websites and even a couple from the recently discovered Imagination Movers website.

Rylan now has a folder filled with over 150 pages of pages. Our initial thought was to leave the folder in the car and when we go out to eat grab a few. He is only so interested with the restaurant coloring pages, we figured these would work much better. We never imagined we would find this many worthwhile pages.

Imagination Movers

Written on April 25, 2007 by Kevin.

The Imagination Movers, a group of guys that are seen on Playhouse Disney in between the normal shows. It took Rylan a bit to warm up to these guys but now he really enjoys them. He loves to dance around to these guys and make us smile.

They are a bit exaggerated but effective none the less. Their songs are geared towards helping kids clean their rooms, teaching them to use "please" and "thank you" and even a song about sleeping through the night.

Their website is filled with some great kid activities including the good ol' coloring pages. For the die hard fans, they even sell shirts.

Recall Reminder

Written on April 24, 2007 by Kevin.

This is your friendly reminder to check out the recall list to see if any of your children's toys or other goodies are potentially dangerous.

We made a stop at the local Babies'R'Us and while walking Rylan around I decided to check out the board of recalls. Surprisingly, I finally found a product that we owned. We have been pretty lucky it seems and have had no other recalled toys. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Bunny though had to be our first and hopefully last.

We made a quick trip to the Fisher-Price website, filled out some forms and in no time, we will be sending them back our defective toy. They return a voucher for a free toy under a certain amount and our lives continue as normal.

Rylan was a bit bummed because this was one of his toys he has really enjoyed in the past. In fact, I think it was one of his bigger birthday gifts. Now the question becomes, which toy will Rylan want to replace it with.

Weekend Recap

Written on April 23, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This last weekend we went over to my Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Mark's house. We went there so my dad could try and fix their computer issues. I do not get to see them very often so this was a real treat.

At first, I was really shy. I had seen my Great Aunt on Easter but it had been a while since I had last seen my Great Uncle. I think it was on Thanksgiving. They surprised us with a great gift for my little sister. Since she is a likely going to be a July baby, they bought her a fourth of July themed Raggedy Anne doll. I got to help get it out of the bag. It was pretty exciting and it helped me break from my shyness.

They cooked us up some very delicious hamburgers and they just loved watching me eat. My Great Uncle can make some very tasty hamburgers. They just seemed to melt in my mouth. I hope my dad makes me burgers like that when we move into the new place. To top of the dinner, they had chocolate cake. Boy oh Boy was it good.

We spent the rest of the night trying to fix the computer issue which was pretty uneventful for me. I got to play with the door and I kept opening and shutting it. They were both giving me kisses at the same time which was really funny. I really like visiting with them. They are really fun.

Week in Review

Written on April 20, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Just the other day, I turned 18 months old. That means I am 1 and a half years old which also means that I really am a big boy now. Anyways...

Dad and I took mom to her doctor for another checkup. The baby is doing well and I got to hear the heartbeat again. Mom was having a bit of pressure and pain earlier this week but that seems to have gone away now so thats really good.

We met up with my grandma last weekend at a place called Jason's Deli. It was our first time going there and it was great. Mom picked me out a kid pizza and it was delicious. I snuck some salad from my grandma. She didn't seem to mind my fingers in her food. They have free ice cream too! It was different but still good none the less. We ended up going back again the next day just the 3 of us. It was that good.

Mom, in only a week, created my sister-to-be a blanket. She knitted it by hand! I liked it so much that I would cuddle up to it. She ended up buying some more yarn to make me my own. Mine is going to be blue while my sisters is purple. They are really nice. Who knew my mom could knit so well. She really is the best mom.

Dad is making slow progress on a new project him and mom are making. I can't tell the details just yet but I think everyone will be impressed. It is a pretty creative idea that even Walt Disney would have liked. Let's just say, it's going to go great with the Mickey table that they made for us kids last year. They really need to get around to finishing that because it won't be too long before we move into our new home.

Have a good weekend.

Name Suggestions?

Written on April 18, 2007 by Kevin.

While my wife and I have thrown a few good names down on the table, we have yet to decide on the final name of our little girl. We would love to hear any suggestions that you may have. Please leave a comment.

For those just dying to know, we will be announcing the final name eventually.

Back to potty training..

Written on April 17, 2007 by Kevin.

It has been a while since we attempted the potty training with Rylan. We were at Target nearly a month ago looking for a potty to purchase when he fell and required stitches. We put training on hold while he recovered and still had to manage finding the potty that we were looking for. We never did find exactly what we were looking for so we went on Target.com and found the BABYBJORN Little Potty. It was exactly the style of potty we were looking for.

We had purchased Rylan another basic potty at Walmart but we quickly found out that he wanted to use it as a toy rather than a potty. We took it back and went on a hunt. This new potty is all one piece sturdy hard plastic that does one job without all of the fun. It is common for Super Nanny to recommend not purchasing a potty with a lot of bells and whistles because it may turn into fun time. We stayed clear of this entirely. There is nothing to do with this potty except to do your business.

After waiting what seemed like forever, the potties arrived yesterday. We picked up 2 identical green ones so that we can use one at the grandparents houses without too much confusion. Rylan was excited when the UPS guy pulled up and he seemed to know that the packages were for him. I cut into the box and let Rylan take his first look at what will now be his little throne. He was in awe.

Without delay, we went ahead and took his diaper off and he immediately went to sit down. He positioned himself as we watched waiting for his first usage. We waited, and waited. He wasn't going for it. After letting him walking around a bit without his diaper, he positioned himself on the couch while watching television. Hmm, a noise. The noise of a peeing little boy. Yes, he peed on our couch instead. It looks like he was a bit gun shy when it came to sitting on the potty itself so he decided to pee when no one was looking.

We aren't going to push this training too much and instead during the day have him in a diaper and when I get home, let him attempt to use the potty until he has used it. This way it should minimize the possibility of accidents that my uber-pregnant wife would need to clean up.

Let the journey begin.

Rylan's first secret fort.

Written on April 16, 2007 by Kevin.

I was reminded a month or so ago by AJ at Thingamababy about one of my old favorite past time as a kid. Fort building. We have all done it, grabbed some sheets and a couple chairs and made ourselves a tent fort. What could be better?

This weekend was rather uneventful so I decided to take the time to show Rylan how to build a fort. I gathered up the high chair and his Ikea chair and went to work. Rylan, as always, wanted to help out but he had a difficult time grasping the idea. He decided to stand back instead. I got everything into position and made an opening for Rylan to crawl into. He wasn't going for it.

After a bit of showing Rylan how much fun a fort could be, he decided to join me inside. We grabbed a few of his favorite stuffed toys and put them inside with us. I explained to him the endless possibilities when it comes to a fort. When I was a kid, my sisters and I would imagine it was a haunted house and scare our parents as we navigated them through the maze.

Once adjusted, Rylan was having a blast in his own secret hideaway. He loved peeking around the sheet and laughing at his mom. It won't be long before he asks me to help him build a fort. I can't wait.

Rylan put an exclamation point on our fun by walking into and falling on top of the fort. The sheet surrounded him and he couldn't help but laugh. I ended up setting it back up for him to do once more. He would have done it all day.

Week in Review

Written on April 13, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week has been pretty exciting. Easter was a blast and I really enjoyed seeing my dad's side of the family. We do not get to see each other too often. I think the last time was Thanksgiving so it has been a good while.

Last night we went over to my grandpa's house to celebrate grandma Tina's birthday. We had pizza and the followed that with cake and ice cream. Yummy yum yum. I hope she liked my card I picked out. It had a frog on it and it said "Toad-ally awesome". I thought it was the best one.

Speaking of eating, I'm changing my food habits. Mom and dad started noticing that I have not been eating nearly as much lately. I think it's because I'm not as hungry as usual. Maybe because I am not growing as fast as I was a couple of months ago.

I have begun trying to really jump as of late. I get as far as standing on my itty bitty tippy toes and then come back down. I know its right around the corner. Mom and dad get a kick out of it when I try and jump. They say its super cute. They are probably right. I get the biggest smile on my face when I do it. I run around and play so much during the day that I end up passing out while sitting up on the couch like in the picture of the day today.

Couple of other new things to wrap up the week. I have begun saying peepee and poop. I do it really well I think. I am also learning how to kiss. I only kiss my mom though because she is the sweetest.

Pregnancy Update

Written on April 11, 2007 by Kevin.

Here we are again, another pregnancy update. Definitely a lot of things going on lately now that she is in her 25th week. Here are just a few.

- My wife's socks are getting tighter. That can only mean swelling.
- Hunger has kicked into overdrive. We would live at a buffet if possible.
- Doritos and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are on the menu lately.
- Baby can be felt and viewed more clearly now.
- My wife is having additional troubles rolling over and standing up.
- Rylan has embraced brotherhood and is beginning to poke the belly and say "baby".
- Name choice is nearly complete. Because of the unnecessary negative feedback from the last pregnancy, we will not be telling anyone until later on.
- Braxton Hicks contractions have begun to show themselves.

Comeeko Fun

Written on April 11, 2007 by Kevin.

a comic strip!

Easter Excitement

Written on April 10, 2007 by Kevin.

This is my favorite Easter picture as it really captures Rylan's excitement. He was given this new ball by his great Aunt Roxanne which he couldn't get enough of. When we put him in the grass to run around, he just wouldn't let go of it.

Massive amounts of green grass is hard to find here in Arizona but here at the Easter party there was plenty. Rylan had a real treat being able to roam around as he pleased.

Easter Celebration

Written on April 9, 2007 by Kevin.


Rylan had an amazing Easter this year. We visited Grandpa Fredrick and Grandma Tina on Friday. On Saturday, we visited with Grandma Michelle and Sunday we spent the day with my family.

Sunday started off with a couple gifts from us and his great Grandma. He got a few Little People Easter themed characters, a couple coloring books and a few other goodies.

We went over to one of my Aunt's houses for Easter lunch and we had a wonderful time. They had setup a special Easter egg hunt just for Rylan and he did amazingly well. We didn't train him at all but he picked up on it really well. I put a dozen eggs in the grass and he walked around to each of them with little guidance. He had to be taught how to put them in the basket but after that he was a pro. When he finished up, the adults had their own egg hunt which he even stole a few of their eggs. The adult Easter egg hunt had a few eggs with money and Rylan helped me track down a few of those.

Everyone loved seeing Rylan. They unfortuneately do not get to see him as often as we like so its a real treat for him. He had no troubles being held by them and he loved the attention. He showed off his waving skills to everyone and had everyone eating out of his palm.

I think next year I will need to hide the eggs a bit better and with the new baby around the corner, maybe she can participate as well.

Week in Review

Written on April 6, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Recovery is going well. My cut will soon be healed up and then I won't need to be harassed with Neosporin, bandaids or any other vicious tool.

Easter is coming up. Last year I got a great little basket filled with a few good things. This year though is going to be great. It seems that everyone each has their own basket for me. Tonight, we are going to my grandpa's house to spend some time with him and check out my basket. Saturday is Grandma's day. Sunday, we will be going across town to spend some time with my dads family. This will be the first year in a while that a young little kiddo has been in the family so they are setting up an easter egg hunt for me. I can find anything. It's going to be awesome!

Last night my mom picked out a really nice Easter outfit for me to wear. I look a lot like dad does when he goes off to work each day. I like dressing like him and I know they think I am as cute as can be.

My cut put a hold on potty training but now its on. My mom was looking for a very specific potty that they had previously sold at Target but no stores seemed to have them anymore. Last night my dad bought 2 of them online. I can't wait. I am really looking forward to knocking out this stage.

Have a great weekend everyone. Try not to forget about those hidden eggs because I hear they are stinkier than my diapers. Eww.

Where is your...?

Written on April 4, 2007 by Kevin.

As any parent does, we work hard trying to teach Rylan to do as many things possible. Sometimes things are slow to learn, others are more quickly.

It seems that Rylan has caught on extremely quickly when it comes to being able to point out his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. In fact, when you ask him to find a certain spot on his face, he tends to point to that spot and then point it out on my wife or I as well. If you ask him to find his ear and you tug on your own, he immediately gets a big smile on his face.

Where is your baby sister? We are still working on this but we have been able to get Rylan to put his hands on my wife's belly now while we tell him that his baby sister is inside. He likes to put both hands on her belly and give a big smile, but only for a few moments before he is distracted by something else. He sometimes will even lay down on my wife's belly in what seems like an attempt to hear her. He seems to definitely be a bit curious about the expanding belly of my wife and we have the feeling that he will be a good older brother.

High Five and other developments.

Written on April 3, 2007 by Kevin.

It was quite a few months ago that we had met up with Rylan's grandpa and grandma for a short lunch visit. It has always been one of his grandpa's things to try and get Rylan to give him a high five. It just had never happened.

The past couple of weeks though Rylan is all into it. He is now a professional grade high fiver and just loves doing it. He gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees your hand go high or low and immediately gives it a nice smack. Grandpa should get a kick out of it at Easter.

Rylan, like many kids, is always interested in looking at babies. We, of course, tell him that he is looking at a baby and he gets super excited. I sat down with him the other night and was reading one of his many books. I focused on the word baby and he took to it really well. He immediately started saying baba, babe and even said baby a few times. Needless to say, we are very proud of Rylan's ever increasing abilities.

Road to recovery.

Written on April 2, 2007 by Kevin.

It was back on Monday night that we rushed Rylan into the emergency room to get stitched up. They told us to come back in 5 days, Saturday night was that day.

We put Rylan to bed at 9:00pm and he went down as normal. We came back into the room at 2:00am to get ourselves ready to head off to sleep and he woke up. Three and a half hours later, he was still awake. He knew the plan. The plan to wake up early and head back to the emergency room before it was jam packed. It seemed though that he made his own changes to the plan and decided not to let us sleep that evening and just go to the ER instead. We took off at 5:30am.

Rylan finally crashed back to sleep a bit before getting to the hospital and we were hoping to make this an easy by having him sleep through the entire stitches removal. That wasn't going to happen though once they tried to take his blood pressure and temperature. He went bizerk. The emergency room was entirely empty so we were quickly seen.

The doctor assessed the stitches and went right at it. We had to bundle Rylan back up again but he did seem to not be as scared this time. While he still cried and looked completely stressed, the stitches were removed with minor incidents and he was quickly back up and laughing. His gash looks a ton better than the night of the fall. It now just looks like a minor cut and has already healed entirely in certain areas.

It's hard to tell but it really does seem that Rylan has changed since his initial cut and hospital visit. We are having a more difficult time getting him off to bed and meeting his grandma and grandpa both had Rylan a bit nervous. This is completely abnormal for him. It's extremely hard to tell though whether it was the incident that caused these changes or something else entirely. We are monitoring it closely.