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Week in Review

Written on February 27, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yup, today is our dad's birthday. He turns 28 year old today and he has the grey hairs to prove it. He likes to say that his left side of grey is caused by our mom and the right side is from us kids. I think his right side has more grey so for today at least we are going to give him a break from the screaming and jumping around. It's the least we can do. We picked him up a card and a small gift yesterday and we are certain he will love it. He is our dad so he has to regardless. :)

We are making him a jello cake today. It is the first time we have ever had or made a cake like so so we are not exactly sure how its going to turn out. Dad picked out this cake. Apparently it was a mashup of desserts from the 20's or 30's or something. Whenever it was, I bet it taste as weird as it sounds. I like weird and crazy things though.

Oh Oh. Speaking of weird and crazy things. Mom spotted the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile while driving past Walmart the other day. We just had to make a stop there. Kaitlyn and I had a chance to sit inside of the big hot dog. It was really hot in there. I guess they make it seem as real as possible. We didn't have a camera but on the phone mom had a chance to take a picture of me with my face inside of a hot dog. It looked pretty funny.

We got a chance to see Grandpa Paul and our great Uncle Mark and Aunt Barbara this week as well. Last weekend the water heater went out and when our dad went to look it over, he noticed it was leaking water. Luckily the problem was quickly resolved by replacing the heater with their help. It's nice to have hot water again that's for sure.

That about wraps up the week. We need to get back to our dad's presents and cake. Have a great weekend everyone.

Kaitlyn, Can you say....?

Written on February 23, 2009 by Kevin.

Rylan has really stepped it up as a brother and is now helping teach Kaitlyn new words. We of course try to help Kaitlyn with her words and Rylan has decided that it was his job to do so as well. During the day and now even as they are falling asleep you can hear him asking her "Kaitlyn, can you say...?". He finishes the question with random words that comes to his mind. Like an expert, he throws in words that she definitely knows already to keep her entertained and on track. Kaitlyn really is a girl of many words but few spoken. Rylan seems to know how to get her to come out of her shell and get her to speak more. As siblings they definitely seem to have many tight bonds and this is just a new one that has come up.

Week in Review

Written on February 20, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow the week is already over? Well we really didn't do anything too exciting I have to say. Kaitlyn and I played the Wii a little bit this week. I played the My Sims game and pretty much learned how to walk around, open doors and talk with people. I am getting better and Dad says he is noticing that my hand eye coordination is improving. He is such a dork.

Umm... jeez. I think we have a couple things planned for this weekend. Maybe even go to a roller derby event? I don't know exactly what that is but it sounds interesting. I think there is a craft show this weekend as well that we are not going to attend because mom just hasn't made enough of the new products to sell it. She is making new stuff though and it's definitely looking pretty neat.

Well hopefully this weekend is more fun than this week was. That's about it that we can think of. Have a good weekend.

The aftermath..

Written on February 17, 2009 by Kevin.

Rylan was attacked by the vacumn cleaner over the weekend. While he put up a fight I think the vacumn won. He graciously posed for a picture regardless.

Pizza Poppers - Get one before their gone...

Written on February 16, 2009 by Kevin.

My wife started a few weeks ago making small tiny pizzas for the kids. They have turned out to be the best things for an easy snack or lunch. We use premade dough from Fresh and Easy, a bit of pizza sauce and a single pepperoni. These bake for the normal time. Once out, resist the urge to eat them right away.

The kids gobble these things up like it's their last meal. In fact, these are a hit for all of us. I came home the other day in hopes of grabbing a few to snack on and when I found none, I was certainly not pleased. The kid's had apparently eaten an entire batch. Those pesky kids. :)

Week in Review

Written on February 13, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another week has come to an end. This week our big fun was heading over to our new cousin Makenzie's house. She is about a month old now and sure is a cutey. Kaitlyn likes playing with her toes and I, well I really would rather play with the toys at her house instead. We headed over there with pizza to share with Hayden. Mom made Makenzie's mom a sling for her to use. Mom uses her sling with Kaitlyn all of the time so we know Mackenzie is going to like it a lot.

Last weekend we went over to our grandma and grandpa's house. They have some new Mega Blocks which I played with for hours. Grandma is a great builder and sure knows how to show me all of the cool ways to build. It was raining that day so we didn't get to leave their house but it was fun anyways. It even hailed a little bit which was pretty neat.

This week we even went out to dinner with Grandpa Fredrick. Mom packed up a bento box for the both of us and we headed out. Kaitlyn ended up eating all of her ketchup that mom packed. She loves that stuff. She eats it by the handful. She is pretty weird. Mom picked out a special shirt for her yesterday that she was super happy about. It was an Eve shirt from the movie Wall-E. Mom even made her special bows to go with it that had little Eve clay figures on them. It was really really neat and she did a great job on them.

I don't know what we have planned for this weekend. Maybe Kaitlyn and I will need to decide. Oh maybe we will go to the library! We really like going there. Until next week, have a good weekend.

I think she liked her lunch...

Written on February 11, 2009 by Kevin.

Is Kaitlyn ready to potty train?

Written on February 9, 2009 by Kevin.

She sure thinks so. She now randomly says to us "potty!" and we go through the steps of training her as we sit her on the toilet and wait.. She has not yet accomplished the task but it is only a matter of time. Watching her big brother is certainly a great encouragement.

Week in Review

Written on February 6, 2009 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well Kaitlyn and I would like to say we have had a wonderful time this week while all of moms family is in town but to be honest, we have all been feeling pretty cruddy. Kaitlyn and I are just getting over our coughing fits and now mom and dad are sick too. It's crazy I tell ya.

We did have fun though in between coughs. We had a chance to see one of our cousins that we rarely get to see. She was nice and we had fun outside one of the restaurants playing with each other. Kaitlyn joined in too and was running around.

We had plans of doing our first craft show of the new year but with all of us being sick we decided not too. Mom has been working on an entirely new product line because they changed to avoid that CSPCIA which has now been changed to give crafters another year. They decided to push onwards with the new product lines and see how things work out. The website is still being converted over and it looks much different but we all like it a lot.

Oh ya, it was our moms birthday last Saturday and we had a lot of fun. We gave her a card that had bugs on it. I got to write my name it in too! We gave her the best gift of all, hugs and kisses. We may have given her a bit of silence too which I know she likes at times.

That sums up the week. Have a great weekend everyone.

Long lasting celebration..

Written on February 3, 2009 by Kevin.

Rylan and Kaitlyn's mom had her birthday on Saturday but it seems to have extended more than just the day. The past week has been filled with festive dinners out as her grandmother came in to town.The kids have been heading out with us and having a great time. Unfortunately Kaitlyn has been sick and Rylan is now catching it as well but their spirits are high and Rylan knows how to have a good time. We headed out to an Irish restaurant on Friday where Rylan got to jam out on his air guitar and drums along side the band that played just in front of us. The whole table was having a great time at the hands of Rylan's master playing skills.

We celebrates their mom's birthday on Saturday by having 2 sets of grandparents come over. I cooked up a meal for both events which turned out to be the same thing both times. It was that good. The kids got her a nice birthday card and Rylan even wrote his name in it this year. Sunday evening we had another party with her family back over again. We had the typical meal plus cake and ice cream. It was another long night of fun.