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Week in Review

Written on August 31, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Another toasty hot week. When will this summer end? Ey yi yi.

Well this week has been pretty uneventful but I have managed to learn a few new words. In fact, new words are coming on quickly now. My dad introduced me to a plum and I immediately repeated the word as he told it to me. I'm that good. Along with many many other words, I now say milk, grandma, grandpa, no and yeah. Oh and I say hi now as well. When I say hi or bye, it sounds like I'm from Texas or somewhere in the south because I say with a slight accent. My mom and dad get a kick out of it. Words are certainly coming in fast now and I really like surprising them when I say something that they weren't expecting.

I am back to my dancing ways. Ever since I was running around and dancing at my grandpa's house a while back, I have been in a mood. I love to run around the house bumping into things and just laughing as much as can be. My dad plays along and we run back and forth through the room. It is so much fun.

Kaitlyn is doing really good lately. She has been much quieter and more pleasant to be around. I still love her a whole bunch though and still enjoy holding her, kissing her and squeezing her nose. She doesn't like when I squeeze her nose though Her rash has gone away and we are now just working on that cradle cap. It's going to take a bit though.

My grandma is taking all next week off from work and I hear that she is going to drop by a couple times to see me and Kaitlyn. It has been a few weeks since I last saw her so I am super excited.

Woah! Let me tell you how good of a big brother I am. I was just giving Kaitlyn a kiss and she spit up on me! Yuck! I grabbed her burp cloth and cleaned her up though and gave her a big hug. I know how hard it is to be a baby and I want to make her feel happy and wanted. I'm the best big brother ever.

I think that wraps it up. Have a good Labor Day weekend. I don't think we are going to do much.

Baby Steps

Written on August 30, 2007 by Kevin.

No, not baby steps in the literal form. I am talking about small steps forward that Kaitlyn made yesterday that showed that she may not have been born just to torture us.

As mentioned previously, my wife's day tends to be filled with a lot of bouncing, feeding and diaper changes. A typical life of the parents of a newborn I imagine. That doesn't mean we have to like hearing her scream if we put her down for a split second. She would be physically attached to my wife if she could be. It is really the only way she will get to sleep or calm down.

We have been waiting for the day that something else catches her eye and keeps her occupied. Something that will calm her down but their back isn't going to snap. We purchased a nice mobile a few weeks ago in hopes of this but she wouldn't even look at it. We figured this would be the case and waited for the day. Yesterday was that day.

My wife tells me that yesterday was Kaitlyn's best day. Best day in regards to clinginess. She did not require my wife to hold her at all times and she even enjoyed her mobile. Like with Rylan, I printed out some high contrast images to put onto the mobile and she seems to be enjoying them as well.

Generally, her mood was up yesterday. She gave my wife a bunch of smiles and shows continued signs of becoming more and more alert and aware of what is around her. When we were out doing errands yesterday, she was alert but quiet for most of the time. That silence was broken though when we started to head home. It's always nice to drive with a screaming baby taking your head off.

Her scheduling is becoming better. She has been a great sleeper at night and has progressively been going down earlier each night. Last night she was zonked out enough to fall asleep at around 9:00pm. This is a much improvement over a few nights where we were up at 2:00am or later. Most of the time though she goes down between 10:00pm and 11:00pm. It was a nice surprise from her. Maybe she thought she would be nice and allow my wife and I a breather and a break on our sore backs. Maybe it was only a 1 time thing.

Baby steps is all we ask for.

Gentle but Effective

Written on August 28, 2007 by Kevin.

There are moments in parenting that you can look back at and smile because it is so ridiculous. Kids do crazy things. In our home, we do watch television. Rylan wakes up each morning and heads downstairs to watch his Disney shows while my wife takes care of Kaitlyn and prepares Rylan's breakfast. On the weekends, we pretty much have the same routine except that I usually take Rylan down for food while my wife stays upstairs to take care of Kaitlyn.

Rylan has enjoyed watching the My Friends Tigger and Pooh show for a few months now but this last weekend I actually sat down and really watched it with him. I had seen bits of it but it had never really processed in my head. Little did I know that I would use one of its best quotes later on that day.

So the idea behind the show is that Tigger, Pooh and Darby are detectives, solving mysteries in the 100 acre woods. When they run into a tough issue, they break into a huge song and dance when Darby says they need to "Think. Think. Think.". Shortly after, they have fixed the problem and the day is saved.

Our home is still up for sale and on Saturday we had a call from a realtor that wanted to show. The house was a mess and I was trying to get my wife to tell them to show it tomorrow instead. She got mixed signs and told them to give us 45 minutes. We rushed around like crazy people cleaning the house up but the real fun came later that night when we were briefly talking about the crazy idea to have them come in 45 minutes. I said to my wife (in a nice way), "You need to do what Darby does. Think. Think. Think." My wife couldn't do anything but laugh and be amazed that I used an insult from a children's television show. It was highly effective nonetheless.

What is the world coming too when you actually use an insult from a television show? That is the moment you realize how much parenting has taken over your life. I was a bit bummed though that we didn't get to go through the entire song and dance like they do on the show. I think Rylan would have got a kick out of that.

Kaitlyn the diva.

Written on August 27, 2007 by Kevin.

Diva: A woman that must have her way exactly, or no way at all. Often rude and belittles people. Believes that everyone is beneath her. Selfish. Spoiled. Overly Dramatic.

That about sums up Kaitlyn's attitude right about now. Of course this is the way most newborns are I guess. My wife and I get verbally abused if we are not holding Kaitlyn at all times. It's amazing. She is just now showing some early early signs of being able to do something other than eat, poop or scream. Someday the bouncer or swing will help soothe her I hope. Our backs could certainly use a break and so could our ears.

Week in Review

Written on August 24, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

What a fun week I have had so far.

At the beginning of the week we stopped by my grandpa's house. They have a tub filled with toys for me to play with. I like chasing the balls down when they throw them. My Grandma Tina has been sitting down with me and playing the musical keyboard. I like to push the keys down to make a bunch of different sounds. I know where the demo button is as well which plays some pretty crazy tunes. This time around it was special though because I liked the very first tune they sample and I would dance around. My Grandma got into this and even my Grandpa were all participating. I was spinning around and running into people, it was so much fun.

We went to see Shrek 3 at the theater this week. It was fun but I had a bit of a hard time keeping concentrated because it was a bit boring at times. We arrived at the theater a bit late and it had already started so the lights were already dimmed. We could barely find where to sit because it was so dark. Luckily the theater was only 1/5th full so that made it a bit easier but still, can't they turn on a light or something?

Let's see what else.. My sister has come along way recently and is now beginning to know when to scream and when not too. She even watches her mobile a bit now which is nice. It gives my ears a break. She is a pretty needy baby and seems like she always wants to be fed or held. I hope she grows out of that fast.

Halloween is not too far away now. My mom has learned from previous years that the good costumes sell up really quickly so we went the other day and picked them out. I am not going to spoil the fun and tell you what I am going to be this year. I can, however, tell you that Kaitlyn will be extremely cute in her outfit.

I hear that we may have rain in our forecast this weekend. Maybe it won't be so hot and we can actually go outside and do something fun. Yippy! Have a good weekend.

Bug man to the rescue

Written on August 23, 2007 by Kevin.

This year, we seem to be one of the stops on the tour for the cricket population. For whatever reason, the crickets have decided that our home is a nice place to hang out and live their final days. I don't recall this ever being a problem in the past but at least we have a bug man now.

I have been spotting these pesky crickets for about a month now and every time that I go take care of one, Rylan is right by my side. He just loves looking at these things. In fact, he loves to look at all bugs. We seem to be a hideout for super tiny spiders as well and he loves to spot these things and say "Bug!". He has learned to say bug and now even cricket.

The other day, my wife tells me that she heard Rylan saying bug and cricket and when she went to check on him, she noticed he was running around with a wipe in his hand going after a bug. Looks like he had already got a hold of a cricket and ripped it in half but he was still going after another bug as well. He is our new bug man that can spot just about any bug possible.

Last night, as I was brushing his teeth, he spotted a cricket crawling up the wall right above his bed. I took notice of it and tried to hurry with his brushing so that I could take care of it before it went out of sight or fell onto his bed. I was too late and it vanished. Rylan immediately spotted it though, on his bed. I took care of it and showed Rylan up close what a cricket looked like. He, of course, said "Yuck!".

He is a typical boy that loves bugs I guess.

Rylan and Shrek 3

Written on August 22, 2007 by Kevin.

When I was a kid, I remembered that there was a movie theater that we would occasionally go to that was super cheap. I believe, back then, it only cost $1 for a movie. Of course, they play old movies but as a kid, you really don't care.

As mentioned before, Rylan has made it difficult to see any movies over the past couple of years but we had a shimmer of hope when we had a 100% successful trip to see UnderDog. I decided to roll with this and see just how well Rylan would act during another movie. My wife introduced him recently to the Shrek movies and he has been all over them. I checked the cheap movie theater out and sure enough, they were showing the Shrek 3 movie. Perfect!

I made some calls to the theater to ask some basic questions on prices and see if their prices were adjusted for kids at all. I heard what would make me shed a tear of joy. On Tuesdays, it is only $1.50 per person. Are you kidding me? I can take the entire family to the movies for $4.50? Whohoo.

We picked a showtime and made our way through the theater. It was just like I remembered. The place is small and cozy. It isn't too crowded, even on the $1.50 day. It is perfect for a family that has a child that you are not certain is going to sit through the movie.

As for the movie, Rylan did pretty well. He had a few times when he started to talk, try to stand up on his seat or just want to walk between my wife and I. The lady and child behind us were worse though so we didn't feel it was an issue. Underdog certainly kept his interest more than Shrek 3. This was probably because the movie really wasn't that great. Shrek 2 was much better.

I think we have found our new Tuesday entertainment. We are hoping to work with Rylan and get him further adjusted on how to behave at the theater. He is certainly showing good signs though. Maybe we can get Kaitlyn adjusted while we are at it.

Kaitlyn and her latest doctors visit..

Written on August 21, 2007 by Kevin.

From a very young age, Kaitlyn has always seemed to have a rash on her face. Over time, it progressively spread to her neck and back of the head. We originally thought this was caused because of her spitting up at night and it just resting on her cheek until morning when we noticed it. Her spitting up had stopped but the rash continued. Some days it seems to be more noticeable than others but it never looked great. We decided it was time to take her to the doctor.

Yesterday we made an appointment and had her checked out. She thought it was both baby acne plus exzema. She recommended a bit of Aveeno Baby lotion to help clear it up. She shows no other signs of sensitive skin except on her face which confuses me a bit. The baby wash that we use is hypoallergenic which you would think should help prevent this type of issue. I guess not.

My wife has also been tackling Kaitlyn's cradle cap. We started noticing the crusty spots on her head and eyebrows and immediately knew what it was. Rylan never experienced this however my wife had a friend who's newborn had it so she was aware of it. We are currently tackling that with a bit of baby oil and combing the crusty bits out. Fun times for everyone, especially Kaitlyn.

The doctor recommended trying Selsun shampoo on Kaitlyn. We are a bit curious on how to effectively use it on her eyebrows though without getting it in her eyes. That should be as fun as scraping away the crusty flakes. It's going to take some time before this issue goes away it seems.

Rylan, as an infant had very few troubles so it throws me off a bit to see Kaitlyn with these minor issues. I guess I expect her to be like Rylan was but I am realizing quickly that it isn't the case.

Oobleck Fun

Written on August 20, 2007 by Kevin.

Oobleck, something my wife remembers from childhood and has been talking about for years now. She has been waiting for a long time to show this nifty trick to Rylan. When she talked about Oobleck, I had no idea what it was. I was never a huge fan of the Dr. Seuss books so this one slipped by me. Turns out though that I did know what Oobleck was except for the name. I remember from the Mr. Wizard show, learning about this amazing little trick.

So what is Oobleck? From Wikipedia.. The word has since been used to describe a substance that is used as a science aid to teach children about liquids and solids. This oobleck is created from cornstarch OR potato flour (1 part water to 1.5-2 parts cornstarch/potato flour. Depending on what kind you want to have; the more starch, the more solid). Though initially it acts like a liquid or a jelly, squeezing it in your hand will make it appear to be a solid for a short time. The slime-like substance also behaves in an interesting manner when thrown in the air, molded, heated, or vibrated. Substances like this that become more viscous when agitated or compressed are a subset of non-Newtonian fluids called dilatants.

Simple as that.

Rylan had a good time playing with the Oobleck we made for him. It took him a bit to warm up to the idea of touching it and having it ooze off his hands but eventually he got into it. If you leave your hands on it, they will sink a bit and be difficult to pull out which Rylan seemed to have fun with. He enjoyed watching it ooze off his hands.

This would be a great rainy day project. It definitely is going in our books of activities. It really is fun for everyone in the family.

Week in Review

Written on August 17, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

I don't know what the deal has been for the past year. I haven't been interested in sitting through a movie but that Underdog sure did the trick. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my grandma, having lunch and seeing a movie. I hope that we can make a habit of this.

I heard that my dad printed out some food shapes and laminated them so that we can have some fun. With all of these toy recalls lately, it's probably safer to play with paper only. He printed out some ice cream pieces and pizza ones too. It should be fun to make my own little paper pizza. Of course it won't taste as good as a real pizza would. Mmmm now I'm hungry.

Kaitlyn made last night difficult for my mom and dad. She just wasn't interested in sleeping. She would go down for a little bit but soon would wake back up and be full alert. Very frustrating I bet. My dad was just bouncing her in the pitch black in hopes that it would calm her down and remove anything that could distract her. I don't know if I ever had those types of nights but if I did, I'm sorry mom and dad.

Well, with the help of my mom, I have been expanding my realm of movies. I have been watching the Shrek movies over and over. I have even had the chance to watch a bunch of Disney movies that I haven't seen very many times. Mary Poppins is still my favorite though.

So I got good bit of shock and confirmation that we will be heading to Disneyland soon again. My mom always likes to get me and now my sister a new t-shirt to wear while there. This time, she got me one that has Peter Pan on it and it even says my name. Kaitlyn got one personalized as well and it has Tinker Bell on it. They are very neat. My mom always designs the best shirts.

My mom and I are going to be making cookies this weekend. I have been practicing by playing with some Play-Doh. I like to cut out all types of shapes with the cookie cutters. I think it will be fun to make the cookies with my mom. Around Christmas time, my mom even bought us kiddos an apron to wear for things like this. Mine is pretty darn nice. My dad will certainly get some pictures.

Have a good weekend and watch out for those heat advisories.

Swimmers ear has drifted away..

Written on August 15, 2007 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn's ear issues seem to have faded away. We had been giving her medicine a few times per day which she never liked to do. The ear oozing quickly faded and after doing the test of putting pressure near the side of the head right next to the ear, she no longer responds as if she was in pain. We are very happy to have tackled that problem quickly and caused her little discomfort. She seems to be getting back to her quieter self lately too which is always helpful.

3 5 or 10 Rule - Also known as Grrrr!

Written on August 15, 2007 by Kevin.

People will tell you that every child is different. This is true, in most regards. The 9 months of pregnancy are not just used for the child's physical development. No, it is also used for more cynical things. I'd say around the 6th month or so, they begin to learn about all of the buttons that can be pushed to drive a parent insane. Let me explain...

There are 2 things that I have noticed about both Kaitlyn and Rylan that simply drive me nuts. Picture this, Kaitlyn is falling asleep in my arms. I continue to bounce and soothe her a bit afterwards just to make sure that she is fully asleep. She looks peaceful and ready for a long nap. I am ready to get some other house work done. I lay her down in her playpen and walk away. Phew. Relief at last. I begin working on doing whatever needs to be done at the house and then out of the blue I hear the start of a cry. I try to ignore it to see if it was a temporary thing. Aye, the kiddo is up and fully alert. How is this possible?!? How did she take a speedy nap and wake up full of energy? How can I learn this technique?

This is the daily routine with both Kaitlyn and Rylan as an infant. I now call this the 3 5 or 10 Rule. Why you ask? Quite simple actually. You can almost place bets that your child will wake up after 3, 5 or 10 minutes. If they get passed that 10 minute mark, the odds are now in your favor that they will be out for an extended period. That is when you can really relax your body and get on to the rest of the days work.

If the 3 5 or 10 rule is not impressive enough. I have discovered another thing that developing babies are instructed about during the pregnancy. That would be elevations. The simple difference between being 5 feet in the air compared to 2 feet. Let me explain. I am back again, holding or bouncing Kaitlyn and she looks content. She is not sleepy or wide awake. She is just in a state of calm. Perfect. Maybe I can sit down and rest my aching back and legs. I sit down slowly as not to disturb her peace. My butt hits the soft cushion and as I let out a breath, I am welcomed once again to a fussy baby. You have got to be kidding me! How does this dang child of mine know when I'm standing up compared to sitting down. My arms are holding her in the same position! They are testing me and I am clearly losing (it). How do both kids have this abnormal sense of elevation?

I wish I had some explanations.

Cupcake fun.

Written on August 14, 2007 by Kevin.

As a kid, some of my best memories were making cookies with the family. While my wife did not have this opportunity many times, she wants Rylan to enjoy baking as much as she does now. She is an amazing cake decorater if you ask me. We took a step towards this last night when my wife whipped up a batch of icecream cone cupcakes. These were my favorite as a kid and one of my top desserts even now.

Once the cupcakes were finished we sat down with Rylan and had some fun decorating them. His main concern at first was tasting them rather than decorating them. In fact, he ate a knife full of icing which shot shivvers down my spine. After he got that out of his system it was on to the business at hand. We gave Rylan a few colored sugar sprinkles and some other basic ones too. It took a bit to warm up but afterwards he was decorating those cupcakes like the best of them. Of course he took some samples along the way.

I think Rylan had a fun time with this little food project. This was confirmed with the amount of chocolate frosting he had all over his face and arms. I know that my wife has another fun project for him to do soon with her that includes cookies. Expect some pictures of that project as well..

Rylan the Joker.

Written on August 13, 2007 by Kevin.

In a half daze, I walked downstairs this morning and prepared to leave. I got on my shoes and immediately noticed that they were really loose. Half out of my body, I laughed and thought maybe my feet had shrunk. They continued to be loose on the drive to work and after I got to work.

It finally dawned on me that Rylan had removed my extra shoe padding that I have in them normally. Thanks alot kiddo.

Now I have to think of a way to get him back. Maybe I will change his diaper and put one of Kaitlyn's on him instead. Let's see how he is laughing then.

Underdog to the rescue!

Written on August 13, 2007 by Kevin.

We took Rylan to his first movie at a very young age. We were given the chance to see Bambi 2 at the theater prior to them releasing it straight to DVD. Rylan did really well and we thought this was going to be the norm. We were confirmed this theory when we are able to see Brother Bear 2 at the theater free as well. Rylan was a bit older but still did really well and sat through the entire movie with minimal fussing. How did we know that he wouldn't sit through any other movies until now?

We had tried taking Rylan to movies occasionally since Brother Bear 2. Of course, we always chose children's movies in hopes that it would keep his attention long enough to watch the entire movie. This never did happen though. Sometimes before the movie had even started and other times 10-15 minutes into the movie, we saw that Rylan just wasn't interested. We bailed every time. Lucky for us, movie theaters are pretty good about returning money within the first couple of minutes. We tried everything we could think of to keep his attention long enough for the movie to start and keep him in awe.

Rylan's grandma had been telling us for a bit that she wanted to take Rylan to the theaters to see Underdog. We were reluctant at first and didn't want to set any high expectations so of course we gave her Rylan's rundown of movie history. Rylan napped a bit before lunch and he was happy after that so we knew we had a chance to actually get through an entire movie. We got our tickets and headed to the concession stand. We picked Rylan up a bag of cotton candy to keep his interest a bit. (Yes, we know sugar is bad) Previous attempts, Rylan would blow through an entire bag before the movie had even started. This time he was pacing himself. We sat Rylan in his own chair and watched as his butt slid down the crack and the chair began to fold up. Rylan re situated himself and with a bit of help from my leg, he watched as the movie began. While he watched the movie, I watched Rylan enjoy the movie as much as everyone else did. He continued to eat his cotton candy but at a snails pace. He ended up only eating half of the bag by the time the movie had ended. Amazing.

This is a huge step for us. We now see a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to seeing movies at the theater with Rylan. His grandma being there may have had a big impact but we see a lot of potential now. I think our next movie theater visits will be at one of our local theaters that show older movies for super cheap. These theaters are never busy and should help get Rylan adjusted even more. Are are going to go through the same thing with Kaitlyn? I'm betting we will. We may need to knock out as many movies as we can. Kaitlyn made us proud and slept through the entire movie. Isn't it nice how they can sleep through such loud noises?

Week in Review

Written on August 10, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well its been a long week I tell ya and I'm a bit glad it's nearly over. My sister has been crying a bunch more lately and just the other day we realized that she was draining some yellow stuff from her ear. My dad came home and we made a trip to the doctor. They quickly determined that she has swimmers ear. At first I was a bit irritated because I had been wanting to go swimming and had not but my sister had? But I then remembered that she hadn't actually gone swimming. I'm not sure how she got it but it seems to be causing her a bit of pain and that's no fun for anyone. We have some drops for her though and they said it would be gone within 5-7 days. I am counting the days until we get a bit of peace and quiet around here.

Last weekend we went out to eat with my Grandma Tina and Grandpa Fred. I always have a good time meeting up with them. My grandpa was playing around with me for a bit and he was hiding me under his big ol' hat. Pretty funny if you ask me. I wasn't too interested at first at being at the pizza place but my grandma did a good job calming me down. The pizza was yummy yummy.

Afterwards, we went to the park and my dad walked me around. We checked out the toddler swings and slides. They were fun but what I was really interested in was the big kid slides. My dad walked me to the very top of the big kids slide and we took a slide down. Holy Shmoly was it fun. We ended up going down it 3 times total. I had a blast walking around while my dad watched me from a couple steps behind. I didn't like the sand in between my toes though.

A warning to everyone, watch your step when you go over those pesky baby gates. My dad was walking over one yesterday and whack, a big loud noise. They are always hitting their feet when they go over but this time it wasn't fun. Dad whacked it really hard. He started talking about his toe being broken or something. An hour later, he did it again on the same toe. Luckily for him, its just severely bruised up and not actually broken. I, for one, think we should get rid of the gates entirely. Not because of what happened, but because I think I should be able to go up and down our stairs as I please. Maybe I can talk them into that now that dad got hurt.

Have a good weekend and be safe over those gates.

Rylan and the toothbrush.

Written on August 8, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan has always been pretty curious and helpful when it came to brushing his teeth. Brushing his teeth is my thing to do with him right before he does off to bed. It has always been pretty exciting to see Rylan come running into the bathroom when I tell him that it is time to brush his teeth. This is changing however...

Before, every time he tasted the toothpaste, he would let out a "good good good" and a big smile. This has now turned into him running away when he actually sees the toothbrush coming his way. I struggled with this for a bit and had to do a bit of maneuvering to get the toothbrush in his mouth and actually get it moving around. This didn't sit pretty for Rylan and he would do what he could to get away. I don't like the idea of having to force him to brush his teeth with the concern that it may deter him from doing it when he gets a bit older like I was known to do myself. I know the tricks, wet the toothbrush and stay in the bathroom for 2 minutes and make your parents think you were actually brushing your teeth.

Anyways, I have come up with a solution that works for now. Rylan's bed is covered in Disney plush toys and it dawned on me one night that we should be brushing their teeth as well. Now, I tell him that it is time to brush Mickey's teeth and he runs into bed and watches as I brush away. We move down the line and I explain that because Pooh Bear had a lot of honey that day, he would need a longer brushing to make sure he had clean teeth. After I finish up with his toys I lay him down on his bed and let him taste the toothpaste. He now is back to saying "good good good" which then allows me to get inside of his mouth and brush.

I can't tell you how long this will continue to work for Rylan but he sure seems to be into it now. It is fun to see that he thinks his toys need a brushing as well and that it actually helps him want his own teeth brushed. He does it all with a smile now.

The tube of endless fun..

Written on August 6, 2007 by Kevin.

A while back, I came across a website that showed you some items you may have around your house that would work as great children's toys. I found many things on the list that we currently use or may use in the future. The biggest one to stand out was an old poster container. I have received a few of these from my office as they are a bit more sturdy than the ones you may have for a standard poster.

Rylan and I can sit down and have fun with this for an amazing amount of time. I first got him interested when I showed him that if I put a ball in at the top, it will magically appear at the bottom. From there we moved on to talking to one another through it and of course using it as a telescope type toy. Rylan's favorite though is when we are both looking through it at each other and we have a ball in the tube. We roll the tube back and forth bouncing it off one another's noses. He can't help but giggle.

I decided it was time to spice up the plain ol' brown tube and found some super cheap wrapping paper and had my way with it the other night. When Rylan noticed it the next day, it was like seeing a new toy all over again. He was thrilled.

Need a tutorial? Probably not but I figured I would do so anyways...

Way to go Huggies..

Written on August 3, 2007 by Kevin.

Rylan's pee diaper weighed 13.6 ounces

It's amazing how much a kid can pee during the night and furthermore how much a diaper can really hold without leaking.

Week in Review

Written on August 3, 2007 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Wow, can't a kid get a bit of sleep around here? What a crazy night it was last night. I was already way in bed but downstairs, mom and dad were having serious troubles getting little Kaitlyn to fall asleep. She just wasn't going for it. They eventually brought her upstairs and she just cried up there as well. After they finally got her settled and asleep, she woke up a bit later crying more. Talk about hectic. Dad took her downstairs and tried to work with her some more and eventually got her to fall asleep totally. He came back up into the room at 3am. Yikes. He had to be up at 5:40am! I don't know if I could do that myself.

Kaitlyn in general has been a lot more fussy lately. She is much more alert now so she ends up not napping as much as she used too. I am trying not to let it effect me but now my mom is having to spend so much time holding her that I sometimes don't get to play with my toys like I used too with my mom. My mom reads to me in the morning though while she is nursing Kaitlyn so that's really fun. When dad comes home, its fun time.

My mom and dad have lived in our house for 2.5years and they had never done any home upgrades. That was until my dad got an itching to get rid of our microwave and replace it with an over the stove one. Of course, my dad is super el cheapo, and he wanted to find one on Craigslist.org for a great price. Well it took a few weeks but finally the other day he found one and picked it up for only $30. He said it was a bit overwhelming at first but after he got all the stuff he needed, he was on his way and he basically finished it in a single night all by himself. The thing looks like a million bucks but really only cost $33 total. Can't beat that for a home upgrade. I agree with my dad and think it will help sell our house as well. In the meanwhile though, we get to use the new microwave which actually works better than our old. Yippy.

Well they say there may be more rain this weekend so I am looking forward to that. I had a blast going out in the rain with my dad the other day. I threw a super fit after he brought me back inside. Speaking of tantrums, they are going full throttle now it seems. I can think of 2 things that are likely causing them. One, I don't nap during the day any longer. I'm just so darn busy that sleep is not an option. The second possibility is that I may be teething my last couple of teeth. My mom checked my mouth and didn't notice anything but just yesterday I was drooling all over the place. Am I teething or just a wierdo?

Have a fun weekend.

Playing in the rain..

Written on August 1, 2007 by Kevin.

The monsoon has been hitting us pretty well the past couple of weeks. We have had a couple days/nights of rain, thunder and just last night a great show of lightning. This picture was taken after I came home from work on Monday. Rylan was waiting for me at the door just itching to come out and play. I couldn't let him down.