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Week in Review

Written on October 31, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy Halloween!

It has been another fun week for us over here. We went to a church Halloween event and Kaitlyn got to show off her outfit that our mom made. We received a lot of compliments and a lot of candy too. They were doing carnival games which I got to play and I did really well. I threw 2 ping pongs into some bowls and they said that was the most anyone had made in. We walked away from each booth with gobs of candy. We participated in their costume parade too and you could tell everyone loved Kaitlyn's outfit. She really looked cute. We finished up the night by doing a bit of trunk'or'treating.

Mom has been working her new sewing machine by making us stuffed monster dolls. They are super cute and cushy. She has been making Kaitlyn so many dresses it's amazing. I helped her make me some pants yesterday too. Momma has the sewing bug now.

Last night we went to the Phoenix Coyotes game. It had been a while since we had gone to a game and this was Kaitlyn's first. She was a bit of a trouble at times but with the proper distractions we made it through the entire game. The Coyotes won!

Tonight we are heading out to our grandpa's house first and then going over to our grandma's for a bit of trick'or'treating. This year I really know what's going on and I am super excited. I am a bit worried about being scared though. Kaitlyn starts to cry when she gets scared which is no fun. Daddy scared us the other day by showing one of his old Halloween masks. He said he was going to eat us. Too scary!

Have a safe Halloween everyone. For those worried about Kaitlyn's allergies, mom is actually swapping all of our candy out with safe candy. We both really like Smarties.

Pumpkin Poop Recap

Written on October 30, 2008 by Kevin.

A few weeks ago I mentioned Rylan helping to package up the little bags of candy to sell at craft shows and at my work. Today, the kids are very happy because over the past couple of weeks they have been taking trips to the store to spend some of the money they had earned. To everyones amazement, they have sold nearly 200 of the poop bags. They were a huge hit at my work. They came to my office in flocks trying to get a hand on one if they were lucky. I took 2 special orders for both 20 and 30 bags. We worked hard to keep up with the demand. The kids have really enjoyed spending their money and I think they can't wait until Christmas when we do it all over again with new poop bags.

Kaitlyn and Rylan's Pumpkins

Written on October 28, 2008 by Kevin.

Craft Show Kiddos

Written on October 27, 2008 by Kevin.

The kids were a handful at the last craft show but they had a blast. They each had built up the strength to get their faces painted which was a first. They also both got to experience the fun of a bouncing castle. Neither one of them wanted to actually jump on it unless I was holding them. Rylan wanted to continuously be around it though and eventually crawled into it but refused to stand up. It's progress. Kaitlyn is wearing her new dress and bows that her mom is making/selling. It was a huge hit.

Week in Review

Written on October 24, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Well Kaitlyn has been a lucky girl this week. Mom bought a sewing machine recently and has been making her dresses. She looks super super cute. In fact, they are so cute that mom is now going to try and sell them with the bows at the shows. I think they are going to do really well.

I went with my dad to the last craft show to sell my Halloween poops. They were a big hit and I sold 27 of them. I think we have sold well over 100 of them now between the show and my dads work. Kaitlyn and I are rolling in money. We went to Target the other day and I bought a few Goose Bumps DVDs. I really like the scary movies. Kaitlyn has been buying stuffed animals. She loves giving them hugs and kisses. She sure is a cutie pie.

Oh I don't know if I mentioned it last week but one of the gifts that mom and dad got me this year for my birthday was a fish. I called him Bubble Gum because he is an orange fish with big bubble cheeks. He is fun. Kaitlyn got a fish too and when she was asked what she wanted to name him, she said "Gum". That was really funny because she didn't even know I was naming my fishy Bubble Gum. Her fish is white and doesn't have the bubble cheeks. I like to help feed them and watch them swim around.

Well we need to get back to preparing for the craft show this weekend. It's the last one for a few weeks so we can finally take a break. This is the last weekend that I will be able to sell my poops so I am making a whole bunch today. Have a great weekend.

Rylan the Guitar Hero

Written on October 23, 2008 by Kevin.

We asked Rylan to play the guitar and this is the result. We aren't sure where he learned how to hold it but he definitely pulls off the rock star look.

Rylan's First Craft Show

Written on October 22, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan has come to each of our craft shows that we have attended but this craft show was different. This was his first show that he was selling his own item. His Halloween poops were a big hit as we expected. He sold 27 of them which he happily split the money with Kaitlyn. He took the money very well and even gave recommendations as to which poop for people to buy. He was a bit of a hard salesmen at times though.

This craft show was on Saturday which was the same as his Birthday. I woke him up at 7:00am so we could head out and setup. He did amazingly well the entire day. He acted really good for being stuck in basically a 10x10' spot. It was just Rylan and I so there was definitely a chance of big problems to occur. We packed him up a bunch of treats, lunch and crafts for him to stay focused on. It worked even with the sun beating down on us.

We headed back home after the show and prepared for his Birthday party. It was a long day but he very well at holding himself together.

Rylan's 3rd Birthday

Written on October 21, 2008 by Kevin.

Rylan's birthday party was on Saturday and it went very well. We had everyone over for a Mario themed party which Rylan had picked out. This birthday, we served cheese-less pizza which when done right isn't bad. We also made a special allergy safe cake which resembled a Goomba from the Mario games. Rylan loved it. He had an amazing mountain of toys to open but initially he was quite happy with his first gift, a Playdoh set. He wanted to stop there and just play with that. We got him back on track and he opened some amazing gifts from everyone. You could tell he was having a great time. He is a professional now when it comes to birthdays. When we served the cake, he blew out the candles before anyone could begin to watch him. We didn't even get a photo or video of it. Like birthdays before, he dug into the cake early by trying the eat the Goomba's face. I think he is counting down the days before his next birthday.

Week in Review

Written on October 17, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week was pretty darn fun. Mom and I sat down the other day and we made a bunch of the poop bags. I really enjoyed putting them into the bags and then getting to eat a few myself. They are pretty cool. Our dad took them to work and has sold over 70 of them already. Kaitlyn and I took our money and headed to Toys R us. Kaitlyn picked up a cute stuffy doggy. She loves to hug it. I got a big tin of Play-Doh which I played with yesterday and its a blast.

Dad and I are heading to a craft show tomorrow morning and I will be selling our poop bags. Dad isn't sure how well I am going to be at the table for 5 hours but as long as he has things for me, I think I can manage it. We'll have to see.

Tomorrow is my birthday! We are having the family over tomorrow to participate in my Mario themed party. We are going to have a special cake made by mom. She makes the best cake ever and it's sure to be a hit. It's one of those cakes that is hard to put down. Dad doesn't even like cake very much but he loves it. It's safe for Kaitlyn as well as the rest of the food for the party. In fact, we are going to have pizzas minus the cheese. The pizzas still taste very good though and that's all that matters. Pictures will be up next week.

Oh I almost forgot. Kaitlyn and I got ourselves each a fish! Mine is named Bubble Gum and Kaitlyn's is Gum. She picked out the name herself. I think she may have tried to copy me but it's still a good name. They are living happily in their little container with a scary dinosaur in it. Very scary. When we were at PetsMart, one of the ladies was holding a snake and I got to pet it nicely. This is a huge step for me because I run away from the plastic snakes. I was a champ though.

Kaitlyn and I need to help mom before tomorrows party. We have a lot of toys to clean up. Tomorrow sure is going to be excited. Have a great weekend everyone.

Check off 2 Christmas Items for the Kids.

Written on October 15, 2008 by Kevin.

Kid Kleen Bath Blizzard - A Hypo-Allergenic Pediatrician Approved bath toy that will be great for the kids. We have never really gotten into the bath bubbles thing simply because of the kids sensitive skin. Rylan flared up one time when we put a fizzing bath toy in so we have kept them to other normal toys. We are hoping that this toy will be the one to fill their bath with bubbles. We saw a commercial for it recently and knew it was time to give it a try. Like all other kids, they love bubbles.

Aquadoodle Draw 'N Doodle - This is a toy that we had originally wanted to get for Kaitlyn on her birthday but we figured she just wasn't ready for it. This one is neat because it allows the kids to color with no chance of them making a mess. We have colored with Kaitlyn and Rylan in the past and it is not too uncommon to see them scribble right off the page. This can all be avoided for now. I think they are going to really enjoy this one.

Pumpkin Poop? Yup.

Written on October 14, 2008 by Kevin.

At our last craft show, Rylan really enjoyed his pumpkin poop when we found it. For those who don't now, it's a gag gift great for the holidays. It includes a small bag of candies with a funny poem talking about the pumpkins poop. We decided that to help include him in the shows himself, we would let him make his own pumpkin poops and other characters too. To help improve his skills, he is going to be selling them as well. The kids will be splitting all money made. I think they are going to clean house.

On a side note, as I was organizing some M&Ms I came across one that had a skull imprinted on it. As I told my wife that I was now cursed, some stuff randomly fell in the other room. If you want to bid on that cursed M&M, check it out here.

Rylan the salesman..

Written on October 13, 2008 by Kevin.

Last week when my wife was preparing our display for the craft shows that we have coming up, Rylan asked her if she made some bows. When she said "Yes I made these bows" he responded with "I like them. Good job mom." What a great kid. He even went as far as to ask a woman where her bow was when she left empty handed.

His smooth talking worked as well during this last weekend at our first craft show of the month. He kept telling people that his mom made the bows and went into a full conversation with people. He flirted with a girl across the way trying to persuade her mom to come over but it just wasn't working. I will be taking him to our next short craft show this weekend and he will be selling his own items. All of the money will go towards the kids somehow. I'll go into what he will be selling next to me in a future post. I think that they will be a huge hit. Rylan is definitely excited.

Week in Review

Written on October 10, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Craft show season is in full effect around here. Our mom has 3 shows just this month so the house is buzzing with bows. Kaitlyn is happily wearing new bows as mom makes extras. She has been wearing a few Halloween bows lately which look super cute on her. She doesn't even try to take them off any longer. I have been helping mom make bows when I can but mostly I like to play in my craft box. It has the neatest things in it.

Our dad recently read that chiropractors can sometimes help with people with food allergies. We have decided to start going back to the chiropractor and see if they can help Kaitlyn out. Her blood tests came back positive for peanuts, eggs, milk and soy. The doctor has been working with her a few times this week and we plan on going back regularly. They seem confident that they can help her out. I get adjusted as well when I go which at first was a bit alarming but this last time was just fine.

Grandma and Grandpa came back into town from Washington and we had them over this last weekend. I showed them my Mario Party Wii skills and we all had dinner. Dad's famous Red Beans and Quinoa. Yummy Yummy.

Oh ya before I forget. Mom and dad tracked down some very tasty chocolate candy that Kaitlyn can eat. In fact, we bought some of the chocolate and some cookies too. The cookies were yummy but the chocolate bar was most delicious. Kaitlyn is a very happy girl when she has the chocolate. I know mom and dad are happy that they can give her a nice treat that is safe for her. Speaking of treats, Halloween is right around the corner and mom is coming up with some safe treat recipes for us. We cannot wait!

Time is running out, I need to get back to work. A craft show starts tomorrow and we all need to be ready. We are meeting Grandma and Grandpa there this time! Yippy! Have a great weekend.

Sensa Weight-loss System

Written on October 9, 2008 by Kevin.

I was recently introduced to way to help lose weight. It peaked my interest because it is not your typical dietary supplement, food plan, fad diet or even diet pill. I personally am able to maintain my weight by eating breakfast and having a few cups of green tea each morning. This may not work for others though and that is why when I heard about Sensa, the 'revolutionary' product, I took a further look. I know of a few people during my day that always seem to be looking for a way to lose weight. I decided to take a recent offer to try out Sensa and see how well it would really work. For those wondering, I was provided a 6 month supply of Sensa for free in return for a proper review and to determine how well it works for us. I will not personally be trying this Sensa, however I will pass this on to someone that I know will give me accurate information.

So what is Sensa? Basically instead of taking a pill or going on a diet, you sprinkle what they call tastants onto all of your food. They have tastants for both sweet and salty foods. The idea behind it is that the tastants will help you feel full faster, stay satisfied longer and lose weight. Their test group showed an average of 30.5lbs lost in 6 months. That's a pretty darn impressive average.

The use of tastants uses your sense of smell to control appetite. The tastants trigger the satiety center so you feel satisfied with less food. My tester has begun using the Sensa and immediately noticed that it is flavorless. There is a slight salty or sweet smell to each of the tastants though. As long as you can remember to sprinkle the Sensa on your foods, you are on track to losing weight. We have documented my tester's body weight and will report back each month to give a progress update.

Giveaway Notice! Mexican Sugar Skull Kit + Cool Tote Bag

Written on October 9, 2008 by Kevin.

I recently found gonaturalbaby.com which sells organic baby clothes. I almost want to hide this site from my wife as she is going to love all of their products. They are doing a giveaway for a Mexican Sugar Skull Kit and a tote bag ($58.50 value). The giveaway can be viewed here if your interested.

Kaitlyn's Recap

Written on October 8, 2008 by Kevin.

Kaitlyn over the past couple of days has been digging in her ear. It was very noticeable that something was bothering her. We believed that she may have an ear infection so we scheduled her an appointment to get checked out. While there, we took care of her 15month checkup. Both went well and it turned out that she had a huge chunk of ear wax in that one ear that was causing her to go digging. The recommendation of the doctor? Don't use Q-tips as they just push wax farther in and it results in a build up. Good enough for us.

While we were out, we headed to the lab to get Kaitlyn's blood work necessary to confirm her suspected allergies. We are hoping that this can drill down exactly what she has and how severe. Testing can be only 60% accurate so anything that helps prove or disprove the allergy we are definitely needing to know. We should know the results in a few days. Kaitlyn did very well getting her blood drawn for the first time. The woman had a difficult time finding the vein and Kaitlyn was strong while she went through the torture. I applaud her.

On a positive note, I found a list of "safe" Halloween candy that the kids will be able to try this year. The list can be viewed here.

Week in Review

Written on October 3, 2008 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This has been a pretty fun week for the both of us. Just last night, we went to a small festival they are having down the street. Kaitlyn was a bit young to go on most of the rides but I had the chance to go down the Super Slide! My dad and I walked all the way up to the top and got ourselves positioned. We waved to Kaitlyn and Mom and then slid down as fast as we could. My butt was flying! It was super super fun. We went on it one more time after that. We all walked around the rest of the festival and decided on trying the mirror house. It was the first time Kaitlyn and I had gone in one of these and boy was it painful. I walked full speed into the plastic window. I didn't even see it! To make matters worse, I turned around and walked into another one right after that. Ouch.Kaitlyn was lucky because she had mom holding her. We wrapped up the night by trying to win a humongous Wario doll by playing the ring toss game. We didn't win though which is a bummer because he would have worked perfectly for my birthday party coming up. Shucks.

Well as our dad said, our visit to the Challenger Space Center wasn't much fun. Kaitlyn and I did have fun when we had lunch with grandma and Scott though. I can't remember what Kaitlyn had but I had a hot dog. We all had ice cream after wards as well except for Kaitlyn which stinks. Luckily though, we have now found some tasty ice cream that we all like and we can all eat. Its a rice milk ice cream and it's pretty darn yummy.

Kaitlyn and I are super excited because tomorrow our grandma and grandpa will be coming over. They have been out of town since May so we are very anxious to see them. Dad is making his famous red beans and quinoa meal. I get to show off my Mario Party playing skills.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Mom and I played Mario Party a whole bunch but before that, we made a cake! We make our cakes safe for Kaitlyn so there was no cracking eggs or anything tough. I got to pour the soda into the mix. Mom gave me a bit of soda too that I sipped on for a long time. I got to help clean the mixing spoon by eating off of it! Kaitlyn enjoyed the cake when it was all done. She made a mess though.

Kaitlyn and I have been helping clean the house lately but we have some work to do before the grandparents come over. This is going to wrap it up. Have a good weekend.

Our Challenger Space Center Visit

Written on October 2, 2008 by Kevin.

Last Saturday was official Museum Day in which some of the well known museums around the nation opened their doors for free. We have taken the kids to a few different museums over the years but this year I noticed the Challenger Space Center was on the list. This was a museum that they opened near us a while back and I had been wanting to visit it for years now.

This museum focuses on explaining space exploration including the failed missions that have happened over the years. We went in thinking it would be a great place to spend the morning with the kids grandmother. After arriving and checking in, we began the tour. The tour was extremely slow & boring due to the tour guide. After trying to bare it, we eventually broke off from the group and tried to find something fun to do. Unfortunately there really was nothing to do. There were few things for the kids to get their hands on and play with. They were however doing Alka Seltzer rockets as we were leaving. The kids had fun at the gift shop and earned themselves a few goodies for being good while we were there.

Overall, I would recommend a visit to this place if your kids are a bit older and into space exploration. Young children will find few things to do.