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Baby work flow

Written on November 30, 2005 by Kevin.

Patatamonkey.com recently made a post entitled "What to do when he cries" poster in which he lays out some suggestions for if your baby is crying. I decided to take it one step sideways and turn it into a work flow chart. Simply print this out, tack it to the wall and when you are in the most stressful of times, read it so you don't forget some basic possible solutions.

For those wondering why feeding is near the bottom of the solutions, this is because babies will stop crying when you feed them even though they may not be hungry. The sucking action will likely calm the baby but overtime, put some serious pain on the mother. We certainly try to avoid feeding for general crying unless we know his feeding time is right around the corner.

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The dreaded family photos

Written on November 29, 2005 by Kevin.

Its the time of the year where kids are forced into taking photos with their family. On Saturday, Rylan was forced into his first family photo shoot. He did really well just as he did with his previous photos we took of him a month ago. We all of course looked great but Rylan was certainly the man of the hour in his outfit. Everyone passing by seemed to love it even though Rylan may have not enjoyed being put into it. We have 3 photos that look like he could be superimposed onto a sled and make it appear like he is sliding down a hill. That may be a side project I could work on when boredom sets in again. For now, I threw together this image, showing off 2 of the pictures of Rylan in his winter outfit.

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"Just for a second..."

Written on November 28, 2005 by Kevin.

I am fully aware that there are some people who just love babies and want to hold each one they may see. I imagine that all new parents will eventually be asked by a stranger if they can hold your baby. This happened last night for us at a restaurant. My wife and I had both noticed that one woman kept eyeing over to our table trying to get a glimpse of Rylan. When I brought him back from a diaper change and I sat down, my wife asked that I put him and the carrier on my side of the table because this woman's kids were looking in the carrier, dropping food in it. So I move the carrier to my side of the table and I'm about to put Rylan into it and this woman pops up behind me asking if she can hold my child. I believe her words were, "Let me hold the baby.... just for a second.". I quickly said no with a firm voice and apparently she went back to her table with a disappointing look on her face.

I might need to start bringing with me an application to hold Rylan. An application that they must fill out with all of their important information such as SSN, drivers license number and any other information that I could use to sue them when they drop my baby, cough of my baby or simply run off with him. This woman didn't even come over and start a conversation before basically demanding that I let her hold him. This woman had atleast 3 kids of her own, maybe she should hold them so they don't drop food in other peoples stuff.

As boredom sets in.

Written on November 25, 2005 by Kevin.

What do you do when you are sitting at work, bored? Maybe some of you spend time playing games or reading a book. Today however I spent some of my free time making money. Making money with my sons face on it that is. For the record, I think that my son is worth alot more than $100.

I am sitting at work an hour later, still bored, so I have continued to spend my time creating odd end graphics.

Week in Review

Written on November 25, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I had a wonderful time going to my great aunts house for the day. I had a chance to meet so many new people including my great grandma and grandpa. They are both really nice people and I cant wait to see them more often. My grandma holds me so well and loving. She even gave me a couple of kisses that almost beat mom and dads kisses.

I thought for the holiday occasion that I would let my mom and day sleep a bit more last night. I let them sleep for about 7 hours before I let them know I was poopy and needed to be fed. I think that they seem to appreciate it when I let them sleep in, especially my mommy.

I received a package in the mail the other day and it was exciting. My great aunt Roxanne sent me some clothing that I really like. My mom says they will look very cute on me and I would have to agree, of course I make all of my clothes look cute. My grandpa Fred sure seems to spoil me too as he bought me a Santa's outfit. My mom still has not told me much about Santa but I have now learned that he has a red suit. If I learn anything more about this guy, I will be sure to report it to everyone.

Speaking of clothing, my mom and dad picked out my winter picture outfit. I'm really not sure why I need to wear all of these dorky clothes but mom and dad really seem to enjoy it. The outfit is really nice though, its a striped winter'y colored sweater and hat. My mom is forcing me into this outfit for our first family pictures this weekend. My last pictures went well so hopefully these will be the same. I think my dad will probably put the pictures up sometime next week.

The most important thing that I did this week was creating my first Christmas list. My dad is going to put a link on the right side for anyone interested in knowing what I want for Christmas. It really is hard narrowing down what to put on the list. There are so many good toys out there but I know mommy and daddy cannot get them all for me. I can't let mommy or daddy know but I overheard them saying that they got me a Playskool Lullaby Gloworm. Oh boy, I can't wait until Christmas.

Review: Ergo Bottle Sling

Written on November 23, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I were in shock when a fan of Rylan wanted to send him a gift. When I began the website up, I had never imagined someone would be so willing to do such a thing. Jessica recently sent us a Bottle Sling from Ergo Products & Design. Thank you so much Jessica for the wonderful gesture.

When Jessica sent me the first email saying she was sending Rylan a gift, she mentioned that it was more of a luxury gift that she had really enjoyed. The idea behind the product is simple. As shown in the picture, it allows the bottle to also rest in front of their face so they can essentially drink at their own pace. The design also allows it to attach to just about any carrier I would imagine.

I would agree that this item is certainly not a necessity but it may be useful to some parents out there, particularly if you are bottle feeding. My only question for Jessica is whether or not you had tried using this product while in the car? Did the movement of the car cause the bottle to whack into your babies face?

Review: Evenflo Snugli Front and Back Carrier

Written on November 22, 2005 by Kevin.

I had looked at baby carriers prior to Rylan being born and my initial thought was that they were quite expensive. Well atleast expensive for the nice ones. Its not uncommon to see people throughout the internet promoting the Baby Bjorn carrier but that was too rich for my blood. One night though my wife and I were at Babies R Us and I noticed on their clearance table a Evenflo Snugli Front and Back Carrier, for cheap. Normally the price of this item would have been $29.99 but I got it for $12.90, well within my budget.

My initial question for the customer service at the store was asking them why it was on clearance. My main concern was for the safety of Rylan sitting in it. They assured me that items on the clearance section where not recalls or defective, but simply returns or merchandise no longer being sold. To make sure, I did do a recall check on this item and did find a recall but for a different model number.

As for the product itself, its great. It allows me to keep Rylan close to me when he is having one of those days where he is either crying or in our arms. I have read many reviews saying that putting this carrier on and putting in a baby is difficult. I would agree with that to some extent but I have successfully and safely been able to put Rylan in it by myself with minimal issues. This carrier allows for a lot of expansion as it works with newborns that can and cannot hold their heads up and later on will allow me to put him on my back as well. Overall, for the price, I would certainly say it was a great deal and has already come in handy on a couple of situations. Now that the weather is nicer here in Arizona, it will work great for walks and maybe short trips where a stroller is a bit much.

Garage Sale Finds

Written on November 21, 2005 by Kevin.

Garage sale season is in full swing here in Arizona and recently, my wife and I have been trying to take advantage of it to pickup some otherwise expensive items. In recent weekends, we have found a couple nice finds. I was able to hunt down 5 Disney books that are all over 20 years old and in pretty fair condition. Someday, Rylan will hopefully appreciate it when I read to him and later on, let him read to me. As for now, he doesn't seem to be entertained by me reading to him. For a quarter a piece, these books were a great find.

We also recently picked up a Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony Gym. These are made for infants to lay on their back and kick the dangling parts and watch and listen to the lights and music. While it was missing a few parts, the guts of it are intact and still plays music and lights up as normal. Rylan does seem to respond pretty well to this and will lay their staring at the lights. The price we bought ours at beats the prices off EBay so I consider this a successful buy.

Its great to purchase these types of things from a garage sale, not only to save money but to keep some of these things out of the landfills. AJ from Thingamababy.com recently put up what he calls the Garage Sale Manifesto in which he lays out some very helpful tips on a garage sale hunting. In addition to those great tips, I have also created a new blog entitled the Garage Sale Professional in which I post my weekly finds, funny garage sale signs that I come across and general garage sale news.

Week in Review

Written on November 18, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

This week has been jam packed with things. I've been one busy baby. First and foremost, as of today, I am 1 month old. Who's a big boy now? Ya thats what I thought.

My Grandpa Fred got me a big ol' Mickey Mouse rug and it looks really nice. I think it will go great in my room. I inherited the Disney gene from my mom so I really like Mickey a lot. Speaking of grandparents, I have been getting to visit my other grandparents a lot as well lately.

This week I have made many steps toward becoming a big boy other than simply turning 1 month old. I took my first real bath and even a real shower. I really liked doing that. Last night I even slept in the crib without being swaddled. I wore some comfy PJs and only woke mom and dad up once. Yay!

My mom keeps talking to me about this guy named Santa. She keeps telling me that I am going to get my picture taken with him. I hope he is a nice man. Maybe my mom will tell me more about him later, because I really want to know more.

I guess that is all for now, I'm gonna go watch some TV. The colors on the screen are so mesmerizing. Have a good weekend everyone.

Oh so many diapers.

Written on November 17, 2005 by Kevin.

Rylan's Grandpa Fred recently picked us up a 228 pack of Huggies diapers from Costco (Thank you so much). While we had such a great time using the diapers, continuously, I figured I needed more fun than just changing them. Here are a bit of stats that I have come up with related to this one bag of diapers. Most information you find, states 10-12 diapers per day for a newborn. This just confirms that we have an overly active pooper or maybe it just means that we change his diaper when he has just a tiny bit of mess.

Total Count: 228
Cost Per Pack: $31.49
Cost Per Diaper: $0.13
Total Time to Complete: 17 days
Diapers Per Week: 91.9
Diapers Per Day: 13.4
Diapers Per Hour: 0.5
Diapers Per Minute: 0.15
Diapers Per Second: 0.002

Now if we were to continue using these same diapers, at this same price, at this same rate (obviously this wouldn't happen) we would come up with the following numbers. All that I can say is, thank God for toilets.

4895 Diapers Per Year
24476 After 5 Years

Prescott day trip.

Written on November 16, 2005 by Kevin.

This past weekend, Rylan and the family went on our first day trip and it was a success. The hour and a half drive was extended for a feeding but overall, the rest of the trip went smoothly and Rylan slept through most of it. It was a nice opportunity to get out of the Phoenix heat and up to the cooler weather in Prescott. My wife seemed to enjoy looking through all of the antique shops and stores. We have been looking for a nice "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament and luckily found a nice one at one of the shops.

As shown in the picture, we stopped at the Kendall's Famous Burgers and Ice Cream. They sell Thrifty Ice Cream which everyone seems to love and also have on the menu, old style malts and shakes. The burgers, while considered famous, were nothing to write home about but good eating none the less.

The most memorable stop and likely the most embarrassing was 30 minutes out of town there is a hotel and restaurant that has this large cow sitting outside. I would estimate this cow to be about 12ft tall. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a picture of Rylan, myself and the cow. It definitely put an exclamation point on the end of the trip.

Insurance and Doctors and blood, Oh My!

Written on November 15, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife's pregnancy was my first big introduction to the world of doctors, offices, and insurance companies. Yes, I have dealt with them in the past but not for a period of 9 months or so. I am more accustomed to your normal doctor visit here and there. Nothing could have prepared me for what had happened over the past 9 months and just recently as well.

The entire pregnancy began with a couple of blood tests that showed up negative while a week or so later, they showed positive. The problems began then when the office processed her information under an incorrect members ID. Let me explain to you how my insurance company works but first, let me tell you who my insurance company is. I am not afraid to tell you that my insurance company is Cigna. A company that many people have told me are great however I have yet to feel a positive vibe from them. The way Cigna works is that their version of a memberID is simply my SSN with a number attached at the end, such as 01 or 02. Obviously, my ending number is the 01 while my wife's is 02. The problem with the doctor's office is that they processed the claim under my information as if I had my blood drawn for a pregnancy test.

This same type of problem occurred later on with my wife's gynecologist office where they once again, filed the claim under my information. I may be the first man ever to receive a gynecological exam. Yippee for me. Possibly even better than an exam, a few months later, I was billed for an ultrasound. Yes, an ultrasound of my unborn son, that apparently lived in my belly. Once again, I may be the first man that had a baby in his belly. The insurance claim is proof I tell ya.

These issues are not uncommon and happened more than previously mentioned and I see no reason why they will stop. The way Cigna has their memberIDs setup is simply ridiculous. Now with Rylan being born he is simply 03 so for all I know, I may get billed for a circumcision. What does Cigna have to say when I call them up bitching that I'm getting charged for something not physically possible? They simply state, "it appears to have processed incorrectly and we will send it back for reprocessing." In the meanwhile, I have doctor's offices huffing down my back wanting their money.

These issues were all nothing, compared to what happened most recently. Now with my knowledge of Cigna, I made sure then before my wife delivered my son that I would know exactly how much my deductible and whatnot would be. I was told over 3 times that it would simply be $150 per day. A great deal it seems. When the hospital called a month or so prior to delivery, they were telling me it would be $500 + 10% of the bill. Excuse me? So I called Cigna up once again and they again confirmed only $150 per day. My wife and I left the hospital with a whopping $150 bill. Now 4 weeks later I have begun receiving bills saying that I owe in the range of $1000. Back to calling Cigna, and what do they say? "It appears to have processed incorrectly and we will send it back for reprocessing." Well isn't that nice. I now have the hospital wanting their $1000+ while I sit here remembering what the lady told me at the hospital. She basically told me that they are trigger happy about sending people to collections if the insurance company doesn't pay up within 30 days. Well the 30 days is nearly here and all I can do is sit back. What a great insurance company I have. Thank you Cigna, for causing unneeded stress in my life.

What I have learned..

Written on November 14, 2005 by Kevin.

Rylan is nearly a month old now and I'm still learning new things every day however with the last 29 days has come a lot of new found knowledge. Things that all other parents likely learn soon after the birth of their baby. Here is a bit of my vast knowledge that I have learned and would like to pass on to other parents or parents to be.

  • Own more than 10 receiving blankets. They will be pee'd on.
  • Button down clothing works best.
  • Petroleum Jelly in the diaper causes pee to pour out.
  • Don't hold your baby too tight or their legs will go purple.
  • Always have the camera ready for a picture.
  • Work out your back prior to the birth. You will need the muscles for bouncing.
  • Swaddling is a godsend.
  • Day trips are possible with a bit of planning.
  • Poop is inevitable, so is pee on the wall.
  • Other peoples input is rubbish as each baby is different.

  • Week in Review

    Written on November 11, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

    This week was pretty exciting, I had the chance to meet my great grandmother. Boy is she nice. She can sing really well and holds me nicely.

    My circumcision wounds are almost all better so I have not had as many wet leaky diapers. (warning to new parents with a boy, petroleum jelly in a diaper will cause the pee to just run right out.) I have a great time peeing on mom and dad and wow I can shoot far. Of course, its not very fun when it gets all over my face. Yikes.

    My mom and dad showed me these Baby Einstein movies and I had a great time watching. My mom held me while I just sat back and watched. They were really fun to see the puppets and glittery lights. I hope my mom can let me watch them more often.

    I think I overheard dad telling my mom that he was going to take her and I up north for a day trip this weekend. I love getting in the car and going for a drive, it's very relaxing. Hopefully it's as fun as dad is hoping for.

    Infant stimulation.

    Written on November 10, 2005 by Kevin.

    Some people are against letting your child be parented by television and my wife and I agree to this however last night we introduced Rylan to the Baby Einstein movies that we purchased a few months ago [link]. There are different videos for different ages of children including infants. Many people have reported that these movies could be considered crack for kids and with Rylan, it may be the same way. My wife sat through the entire video with Rylan on her lap as he gazed heavily at the screen. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head while he saw things that he has never seen before. He was dead locked on when anything flashy displayed up on the screen, I think he gets this from his mother. My wife seems to be attracted to shiny flashy things, yes its a bit odd.

    Rylan is now over 3 weeks old and you can definitely see changes in him. He has begun the ability of focusing on objects including the movie and our Winnie the Pooh mobile that is over our changing table. In addition to these, he now focuses on the animated birds from our Fisher-Price Flutterby Dreams Soother. In the past, I would use the soothers music to help Rylan fall asleep. My idea was to help him understand that when he hears the music that its time to sleep. Its difficult to know if its working or not. Hopefully the Baby Einstein movies can give him something to focus on when he is having a bad day. Only time will tell.

    Review: Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe blanket

    Written on November 9, 2005 by Kevin.

    One thing that Rylan has enjoy since being born is likely something every other baby enjoys as well, being swaddled. With Rylan gradually getting larger, it has become a bit more difficult to get him bundled up securely so he is unable to wiggle his arms out. I am still not certain why he enjoys working at wiggling himself out of his swaddle and when he finally does, proceeds to cry. Wouldn't he be happy at that point? Anyways, Rylan's Grandma Michele purchased us the SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus and while we have used it mildly, it has shown that it works.

    When originally purchased, Rylan was simply too small for it. After being bundled up, his face would be sitting in a bunch of cloth which I, as a parent, would not risk. Now though that Rylan is a week+ older, he is fitting much nicer and does seem to enjoy it. At night we continue to use the old double blanket method however during the day, my wife will commonly use the SwaddleMe to keep him asleep. This product does a great job keeping the arms of the baby close by and seems to let their legs extend out. Rylan seems to enjoy this position and it does seem to help him remain asleep. The common rule is to stop using the swaddle technique when they are active enough to kick it off however with the extended leg room, this should allow the usage to be longer.

    The SwaddleMe does its job well and I can only imagine it will remain useful as Rylan gets larger. There are many other swaddle blankets out on the market that I have not purchased and at this time, don't feel a need too. I think between the use of a couple of receiving blankets, and our new SwaddleMe, we are set for a while.

    Infant swing comparison.

    Written on November 8, 2005 by Kevin.

    My wife and I recently purchased the Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing however noticing one of the lights already burnt out, we went ahead and returned it. Yesterday though I found out that the swing is no longer being sold at Babies-R-Us so they sold me the floor model. My wife, being the great woman that she is, was not too happy with this so we went out looking for a new one. The next thing I know, we picked up the Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Open Top Take-Along Swing. Below is my comparison and final assessment of the two swings produced by the same company.

    Aquarium Take-Along Swing

    6 activated lights to keep child distracted.
    Plays classical and soothing ocean music.
    Eight swinging speeds.
    Visual aquarium tank with moving fish and water.
    Difficult to carry.
    Only has 2 toys.
    More difficult to fold away than the other.
    Difficult to get child out.

    Open Top Take-Along Swing

    Has a mirror for the child (or parent).
    5 toys for child's entertainment.
    Toy bar swings away for easy access.
    Easy to carry around the house.
    Mirror can be converted to a mobile.
    Easy to fold away.
    Classic children's music instead of classical.
    Frame does not seem sturdy.
    Toy bar does not feel secure.

    I believe that Rylan is happier with the new Link-a-doos swing. While the frame is a bit sloppy, it is due to the way the swing folds up. Four locking clips are easily pushed in for this swing to fold away to a size that will easily fit into any car trunk. Both of the swings have a clicking noise that is heard when the swing is in motion. Rylan was not too happy with the noise from the Aquarium swing however does not seem to mind the noise from the Link-a-doos. The new swing is much easier to move around the house as well. Between the two, I would likely recommend the Link-a-doos swing even with the less than tight arms. The base bars and mirror/mobile arm appear a bit loose, but even with these flaws, the swing and base do seem secure. The ultimate test though is Rylan and since he approves, I think we will be staying with this one.

    Question for developers.

    Written on November 7, 2005 by Kevin.

    Here is a simple question that I want to address to the developers of many children's toys. I would say that on about half of the toys that Rylan has, the speaker for which your unamusing music comes from, is pointed away from the child. Why is this? Do you honestly think that the music is for the adults, while they sit there with their child? Or are you attempting to simply tease the child with the faint sound of music while the parents are over there trying to put themselves out of their misery? Please, consider this idea when you develop your next sound emitting device. Face the speaker towards the child! If you must have the speaker towards the adult, can you atleast give us a better selection of music?

    Nightly Freakout.

    Written on November 4, 2005 by Kevin.

    Since as early as I can remember, I have been a sleepwalker. Walking around in my sleep throughout the house doing god knows what. Believing that the house was caving in, or that bugs were in my bed. A pretty nightly occurrence for many years now.

    With baby Rylan now here, the Crib Tent that we purchased to keep the cats out of the crib also is a way to help control me sleepwalking and grabbing the baby. For the past 2 weeks since Rylan was born, pretty much nightly, I wake up in a panic trying to find Rylan amongst the sheets or clothing on the ground. As real as can be, I believe that I can literally hear Rylan's voice deep within the sheets. In pure panic mode, I dig frantically looking for him only to turn to the crib and see him there, sleeping peacefully. *sigh of relief*

    I have never been around someone who sleepwalks so I am not certain exactly what my parents and my wife have seen but while I do not want Rylan to go through the dreams that I do, I am curious to see sleepwalking from another view. I am curious to see what Rylan may do if he was to sleep walk (obviously when he can walk). Will he have the same thoughts of a spider infested wall, or maybe that his parents are in severe danger? Only time will tell whether or not he gained that trait from me.

    Week in Review

    Written on November 4, 2005 by Rylan & Kaitlyn.

    Another Chiropractor visit, another adjustment. I have now gone to my chiropractor 3 times and every time I seem to be getting better and better. This last time they just worked on my mouth some more. Since my mom told the Chiropractor that my I had not been feeding very well, I have been receiving adjustments. I think I am a feeding master now because I rarely bite down on mommy now. Whoever said that Chiropractic doctors are quacks, is a quack themselves. My mom can testify to that as well.

    So the main issue of this week was my circumcision. All that I can say is one thing, wow. What an ordeal that was. I was strapped down for over 30 minutes and I just did not like that. Everything is going OK now though and seeing as my mom cant point my penis down into the diaper, I have had a bunch of chances to pee on her. Of course I also pee on myself which isn't so great. One thing that made me happy about the circumcision was when the doctor said that she may need a bigger tool to do the procedure. How funny.

    Halloween was fun, however I didn't really like getting into the costume. My dad told mommy that I wouldn't fit into it but they purchased it anyways. Crazy parents, what can you do about them.

    HUGGIES(R) Disposable Washcloths with Baby Wash

    Written on November 3, 2005 by Kevin.

    Giving Rylan a bath can sometimes be a bit difficult but we purchased some of the Huggies Disposable washcloths and haven't looked back. These washcloths have made bathing Rylan much easier. Simply wet the washcloth and begin to bathe. No more having to put the baby down to put more soap on the cloth because its already in it. Just by adding more water, more suds will come out. Rylan waits patiently while we now give him a bath and he even seems to enjoy it. The washcloths are not rough on his skin so he does not seem to get irritated. Some babies though may see different results because of their different sensitivities.

    In 2004, IParenting Media named this product the hottest product of the year. While to some it may be considered a luxury product, to us it allows us to take care of Rylan quicker and cleaner without making too much of a mess. Best of all, belly buttons and circumcisions need to be taken close care of when bathing and with a small and gentle washcloth like this, it makes it very easy.

    Huggies also sells a lavender scented washcloth which lavender scent is said to help calm a baby. The company says that these washcloths are ideal for up to 36 months which is possible as long as your child isn't completely dirty. I'm not certain how well these would work with a big mess but they certainly work great for an infant.

    Halloween 2005

    Written on November 2, 2005 by Kevin.

    Only 11 days old and Rylan went out for his first Halloween night. My wife and I had no specific plans so we just went to a nearby church to see what they were having. This was the first time that we had been to the church but everyone was nice and welcoming. Unfortunately, all of the games were designed for little kids, rather than little adults. We only had the chance to walk around a bit and get some dinner. As always, the food was a bit overpriced but was good none the less. Rylan was there with us however he slept through the cold night. He has made us very proud when we go out and he barely makes a peep. It's so nice to be able to sit down for dinner and not have to worry about a crying baby.

    We had purchased a lion costume for Rylan over a month ago however even though he is a long baby, he just didn't want to fit and fill into it. We were able to snag a few pictures of him in the costume sitting in his swing. Our initial idea was to take him to a professional for pictures but that idea was shot down when we noticed that even a sleeping Rylan cant sleep through being put into a costume. Next year should be a lot of fun and give us more possibilities.

    For those interested in seeing what I dressed up this year, check out the image below. My work offers a free day off to the costume contest winner however I did not win nor place this year. My coworker and I had by far the most creative handmade costumes but it just wasn't enough to surpass the store bought costumes. If you cant figure my picture out, I am a office computer desk with a monitor and accessories on top.

    Multiple updates.

    Written on November 1, 2005 by Kevin.

    Feeding Issues:
    Feeding has become much better since I made my last post about it. He has begun to latch on better and generally causes my wife much less pain. We have confirmed with his last doctors appointment that is now weighs 8lbs 11oz which is 4oz higher then when he was born. This makes me and my wife feel much better about the possibility that he was not getting enough food.

    Belly Button Stump:
    This guy finally fell off yesterday right before my wife took him to the doctor. While it doesn't necessarily look pretty, the doctor says his belly button is completely normal. We have now been able to switch to the size 1 diapers which we were unable to do before due to the stump being snagged. One less thing to worry about and be distracted with while changing him.

    Wow, my wife was brave (insane?) enough to be in the room while the circumcision took place. She said it too about 35 minutes and it was gut wrenching. She was able to hear the sound while the doctor cut through the skin. I certainly wouldn't have been able to hold on and would have likely passed out but my wife stuck through it. She is glad that she was in the room and only wishes that she could have been closer to him to help comfort him. Overall, the circumcision went as planned. For now we are just keeping a thick coat of petroleum jelly on the wound and will continue to do so for at least a week. Rylan isn't a huge fan of the diaper change right now but overall he is doing very well. Sleeping as normal as can be.