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Mr. Clean makes me Mr. Happy.

Written on June 26, 2005 by Kevin.

Like many dads I assume, I do a majority of the cleaning around the house. This doesn't exclude the kitchen where I do the dishes, clean up and sometimes even cook(when my wife lets me). One thing that I have found that makes the cleaning much easier is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have received a few of these free from sample websites and they are extremely useful. They seem to clean up all the stains on the kitchen counters in no time. I haven't found anything in the past that can take care of Kool-aid stains and these seem to do a great job. One of the best things is this doesn't leave a chemical smell in the room. I haven't used this for anywhere else in the house but I assume it would work well elsewhere. Definetly a big daddy thumbs up for this product.
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


This really works...especially after a chili explosion in the microwave. Just added water and wiped the beans and chili sauce away!! Now all I need is a pickle to go with the rest of the chili.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 2, 2005

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