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The Crib Tent does its job.

Written on June 29, 2005 by Kevin.

We have 3 cats and wanted a way to make sure the cats were going to stay out of the baby crib. The only solution it seems is buying a Crib Tent from Tots in Mind. We bought one of these the other day and immediately put it up(Its worse than putting up a normal tent). Anyways, yesterday it seems that while talking to my wife on the phone one of our cats decided to try to jump into the crib and made direct contact with the new found tent. We had already introduced her to the tent but she must have not realized it was there because she smacked right into it like an accordion and fell to the ground. My wife says it was like watching a real life cartoon where the character runs into a wall. The picture off their website shows a cat standing on top of the tent and from what I can see, I believe it. It seems to do a good job keeping the cats out and should help keep the baby in when it grows bigger.
Tots in Mind Crib Tent


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