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<rant> why oh why?

Written on July 6, 2005 by Kevin.

I believe we can all agree that every pregnancy is different in some way or another. My wife has been sick since nearly day one and ever since, I have been hearing "it will go away soon." I am getting this from nearly every person I talk with. My wife is over 5 months pregnant and into the 3rd trimester now and still the sickness/pain continues. While the sickness appears to have gone down a bit, it is still commonly there, in one way or another. If people truly understand that every pregnancy is different, why do they keep telling me that her sickness will pass soon? Maybe it will, maybe it wont. Furthermore, the women who flaunt that they had a great pregnancy with no sickness/issues need to quiet down. This only makes women who have a more difficult pregnancy all the more annoyed. I can see why many women only choose to have one child. Not necessarily because they don't want too, but simply because they cant imagine going through the sickness/pain again. Hopefully for my wife's sake, the sickness will pass before the end of the pregnancy. </rant off>


I think what happens is that we just don't really know what to say to make daddies- and mommies-to-be to feel better. We want them to feel better. It’s such an emotional time in their lives and most people are exited for them. Maybe if there’s hope that “it will pass soon” daddies- and mommies-to-be will not get so frustrated. Pregnancies are hard on a woman’s body, no matter how you cut the cake, and, boy, are they different! Best of luck to you and your wife. I hope she feels better.Oh, and I agree that the moms who had an “easy” pregnancy should keep their trap shut. I don’t believe for a second that they had a symptom free pregnancy…their symptoms were different.

Written by Nela's Mommy on Jul 12, 2005

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