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A dad's delivery-room anxieties

Written on July 17, 2005 by Kevin. recently ran an article about a dads view of the delivery of his daughter. The comments he makes are quite funny however I imagine are very true. I also wonder whether or not I will be able contain myself or if I will simply faint at the first sign of pain/blood/fluid. I hope that I can be the best I can for my wife at her most needed times. And furthermore, I hope that I don't have the "thousand-yard stare". I will save that for after I haven't gotten any sleep in days.
I learned that the placenta looked like the biggest, rarest steak imaginable.

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Now I have to say I am/ was totally not a body fluid guy...I was a wus- totally squemish. I worried about fainting too. But the adrenaline kicked in the moment I saw her.Labor lasted 18 hours for my wife....and when my, our daughter was born- everything sort of went into like fast forward. It's hard to describe, sort of like that movie effect, you know- when the main character's standing there, and everything around them except what they're focusing on and them starts zooming around really, really fast.Best moment, most memorable, of my that point...

Written by Daniel "Big Daddy" Malinski on Jul 18, 2005

People took bets that my husband would faint at the first sight of blood or goo or , well, anything. There was a pool...As I began to push, he patted my back, wiped my brow and..went to peek. As the midwife was also capable of wiping my brow (and was less annoying to me at that time), I didn't encourage him to stay at the top end of the bed. He ended up watching the entire birth, and was so caught up in the event that no thoughts of squeamishness entered his head.Give it a try.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 19, 2005

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