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Back from the checkup..

Written on July 19, 2005 by Kevin.

I just returned from my wife's checkup meeting with the doctor and boy do I feel strange. I walked into the waiting room after getting checked in with my wife to only be looked/stared at by every woman there. I don't know if they were simply shocked that a guy would go to a checkup, or maybe they were so irritated that their own boyfriends/husbands wouldn't come with them. Now this is only my second checkup with my wife so I can understand some guys not being able to attend due to work. It just seems that my soul was being sucked out of my body by these women. Can any women explain to me what they are thinking when they see a man in the waiting room with their significant other? Why do men need to be glared at with hawk eyes? Furthermore, why is it that this pregnancy thing is entirely geared towards the women. I understand fully that its the women who have to carry the child and then go through the delivery but if women really wanted their husbands to attend more meetings and just be into the pregnancy more, why don't they make them more comfortable? Everything seems to be geared towards the baby and mother. Someone please explain this to me.

FYI: The baby checkup was a good one.


I haven't encountered that, but there have always been a fair number of men in our doctor's waiting room. My guess is that the women wish their partners were accompanying them. Or maybe you had a massive booger threatening to leep to freedom.

Written by AJ on Jul 20, 2005

Our daughters due date is tomorrow (actually, its now 00:53 - so its today ... still waiting {sigh}) ... and over the past 9 months I've gone to everyone of our check-up visits. (pause while applause dies down) ... The OB practice is fairly busy, and there are often 4 to 10 other moms-to-be in the waiting room ... but rarely has there been more than one other guy in the room, and no more than one other. So far I haven't gotten any strare-downs ... just the occaisional smile acknowledging my presence. I couldn't imagine not going ...

Written by Eric on Jul 20, 2005

Granted, my partner is another woman, but she has accompanied me to every single appointment we've had (including the emergency ones that are scheduled ten minutes prior to our arrival). No one has ever looked at her funny (and it is obvious that I am the pregnant one). And we always smile at Dads in the waiting rooms--I have never noticed anyone giving questioning or mean stares to Dads. I think it is necessary for partners to be involved in the prenatal aspect because they sure are going to be involved post-natal-y! Most of my friends who have recently had kids are the same as you and your wife--both attend (as much as possible) all appointments and I have yet to hear of any bad experiences. Maybe you just got the grumpy day for waiting--I hope the rest of your appointments are easier in that regard!Congrats on the baby--I look forward to following you all in the months to come!-K (due in October too!)

Written by Anonymous on Jul 21, 2005

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