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Batteries everywhere..

Written on July 14, 2005 by Kevin.

With recent purchases for baby toys and other items, it has come to my attention that the amount of money spent on just batteries is amazing. I wanted to try and figure out how much money I may spend on batteries in the first year of the babies life. I tried to be very conservative with the numbers and based my research on peoples opinions/reports of battery usage with the toys that we currently have. This is certainly no where near a scientific calculation but fun none-the-less. These numbers will likely increase significantly in time when the amount of toys needing batteries increases. For now, I expect to spend at least $74.25 on just batteries in the first year.

Items Include:

  • Einstein Neptune Toy Bar
  • Flutterbye Dreams Lullabye Birdies Soother
  • Fisher Price Kick N learn Piano
  • HP PhotoSmart 635 Digital Camera

    Update: Recalculated after adding batteries for digital camera.

    Batteries Graph

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    Go rechargible, It's much more expensive to begin, but I know we've saved tons of money in the last three years! (also good for the camera, which I'm sure you didn't include)

    Written by Gina on Jul 15, 2005

    The digital camera is in a whole other realm. My digital camera I can expect to change batteries atleast twice a month with regular usage. The kid is gonna cost me a fortune just in batteries. :)

    Written by The Dad to Be. on Jul 15, 2005

    Been there, bought rechargeables :-) . There is no comparing in terms of cost (Can you really measure how much electricity does it take to charge them?), ease of use, comfortability and well, saving the environment (Yes, I'm from Northern California). Anyway, I make sure that I have 2-4 spares when all the devices/toys are operating with batteries, that way you never need to take anything "out of service" to charge it's batteries.

    Written by TechMount on Jul 17, 2005

    Just give them wrapping paper and a box. They'll never know the difference.And it saves all that money.

    Written by Anonymous on Aug 5, 2005

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