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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written on July 16, 2005 by Kevin.

I imagine many blogs will post their reviews/comments on the latest Tim Burton movie. I will follow along and try to stay clear of simply opinions. I was able to see this movie on the opening night. Many parents seem to want to know if this movie would be safe for kids. Overall, I would say yes. There are some very strange scenes that may scare a few kids but the majority of kids would probably find this movie funny. The reason I am making this post entry is simply because of the underline moral story of the movie. Throughout the movie, Willy Wonka has flashbacks of himself as a child and his father not allowing him to eat candy/chocolates. This turned him into a candy nut in addition to being afraid of family. Charlie shows him how important family truly is and eventually Willy Wonka goes to see his father. Charlie ends the movie with everything he could want, his family and his wonderful chocolate factory.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Congrats on the expected miracle! Enjoyed your blog.

Written by Nic on Jul 16, 2005

Saw Charlie in IMAX!! Fantastic to see in larger format of IMAX experience. The movie was good. Only a few scenes that were a tad much. The movie give whole new meaning for orthodontic headgear!!heehehe. The Oompalumpas were good commic relief. Lots of kids were there and laughed, but there were some adult moments that had parents laughing. I would take kids to see it as it gives lessons with the bad kids and what happens to them.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 17, 2005

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