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Early sex selection test raises ethical concerns

Written on July 21, 2005 by Kevin.

This article from CBC states that women can now find the gender of their unborn child as early as 10 weeks. The ideas behind this can be helpful and harmful though. Many parents (including my wife) wanted to know the sex of the child so we could prepare better. This would include purchasing clothes and other gender specific items. Now the problem occurs when the mother wants a specific gender. If she was to find out that she is having a girl rather than a boy that she has always dreamed about, what may happen? Would these results cause her to think heavily about abortion? Would early detection give her enough time to become ready for the outcome? Could this test help reduce post-partum depression in women who did not receive the baby they have always wanted? This is definitely going to be a hot topic in months to come as this develops. What are your opinions?

Link: Early sex selection test raises ethical concerns from CBC


My two cents:Well, I don't think any parent should find out the sex of their unborn child IF they have a specific wish for it to be a certain gender. I do however, believe that it should be possible for a parent to conceive a specific gender, then the above problem wouldn't be a problem anymore :)

Written by Mandy on Jul 22, 2005

When I taught childbirth classes and couples (or individuals) had their "heart set" on a boy or girl, I'd ask what 'boy" or "girl" meant to that person. What if the boy or girl does not fit that expectation? My daughter has no interest in frilly things (neither do I, but if I had hoped to dress her up like a doll i would have been disappointed). My son has no interest in sports (except for golf, which he only recently discovered). I don't really understand "gender specific" stuff anyway. I have a boy and a girl and didn't need to know their sex before they were born. They both had pretty much the same things. I wish people would just treat kids as kids and not focus on gender stereotypes.

Written by panthergirl on Jul 26, 2005

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