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Father Contribution: What worries you?

Written on July 30, 2005 by Kevin.

This question is mainly geared towards father to be's or current fathers. I wonder what your greatest worry is with having a child. I know that without a doubt my fear is simply not being able to financially provide for my family. My guess is that many other men would show this same fear. What worries you about having a child? Please post your worries as a comment.


Financial support is definately up there as one of the biggest ones for me also. Well off to buy a lotto ticket ;-)

Written by Larry on Jul 30, 2005

My main worry was, "I have baby, what do I do now?" Our 8-month old was the first, and we did not have a clue. Got some books, talked to people, did the baby classes thing, etc. But then, after she was born, everything came naturally. Sure, we all make mistakes (you can read a 'horror story' of a recent event on my blog, but we learn as we go...

Written by Dutchman in Dallas on Jul 31, 2005

I know you are asking men, but I thought I would add my 2 cents.Financially speaking, things may be tight, but it always works out. I think it's important to have a good support system within your own family.Other than that, I'm afraid I'll break them. Children seem so fragile to me.But I think my biggest fear, is not being able to teach them enough. I want my future kid(s) to know everything, and have every possible experience given to them. My fear is that I won't be able to provide that.

Written by Cassiopeia on Jul 31, 2005

My greatest concern -- that my relationship with my son will one day be as strained as the one with my father.

Written by Friends of McDougal on Jul 31, 2005

Ditto: As the father of three, that was my initial worry, but now, hey, I want to spend time with them, do things with them...whether its watching an old Abbott and Costello movie or fishing -- that's what I hope they remember, not that they grew up in a huge 5 bedroom, 4 bath suburbian(?) house and Dad worked so hard to make so much money that we never saw him. I guess they need to get to know me, too!

Written by Tod Demuth on Jul 31, 2005

Finances are not a concern. I can be poor and happy. By the time a kid is truly aware his family is of a lower economic status he's mature enough to deal with it. Must-have items are obtainable by saving up.My concern is the basic one -- Will I be a good parent? Will my kid turn out OK? (socially, mentally, physically) For that you just remember that life doesn't happen all at once. Take issues one at a time.

Written by AJ on Jul 31, 2005

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