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Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis

Written on July 26, 2005 by Kevin.

In addition to yesterdays post, we also received a lot of information on toxoplasmosis. While my wife and I were already aware of the issue, we felt that gathering all of the information we could would be good. The bottom line is that pregnant women should not be cleaning the kitty litter box. This infection can be spread from the pregnant woman to the unborn child and possibly cause serious birth defects. Many cats can acquire this from eating contaminated raw meat, birds, mice and soil. (why you would have a pet cat and keep it outside is beyond me.) Further information can be seen at the provided link. Husbands, since we want to do all we can for our wives, make sure you clean out the litter box often.

Link: Our Prescription for Toxoplasmosis: Learn the Facts and Keep Your Family Together


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