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Preparing your pet for the baby's arrival

Written on July 25, 2005 by Kevin.

I went to an Arizona Baby Expo a few months back with my wife in hopes to see all of the latest and greatest things related to babies. While there, we approached the Humane Society booth and they had some great information about children and pets. The thing that my wife and I both took from the conversation was their suggestion to get the pets prepared for the baby's arrival.

We have 3 cats and while they are each very tame, we wanted to make sure they were going to be fully alright with the new addition. Over the past 6 months we have purchased items such as a bouncer, crib, playard and recently we purchased diapers. These large items we have been simply teaching them to stay out of. We have allowed the cats to smell the diapers so they can get adjusted to the new smells that will be in the house. Another suggestion they provided us but we have not had the ability to do, was to play the noise of a screaming baby. Like the smells, pets can be very touchy when it comes to new sounds. They may become nervous or irritated. The following links should provide some great tips to preparing your pets. Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with a newborn and pets?

Link: Human Society - Preparing Your Pet For Baby’s Arrival
Link: American Baby - Preparing your pet for baby's arrival


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