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Question of the day. Cord Blood.

Written on July 17, 2005 by Kevin.

In recent years, there has been alot of talk about storing newborns cord blood stem cells. The medical positives certainly seem to outweigh the negatives. My wife is due in a few months and we are trying to get some opinions on cord bood. Has anyone had this procedure done? What are your opinions?

Link: Cord Blood Registry


Not having a child myself, I can't tell you first hand abuot cord blood, but I've heard only wonderful things about it. And it can't hurt, right? better to be safe than sorry.Love your website. You two must be so thrilled!

Written by Lauren on Jul 17, 2005

We donated it. It was simple and no cost, and they said that the demand is so low right now that if you need it for a medical reason in the future, there is a better than good chance that they would still have it.My doctor told me that the cost really isn't worth it (well I guess that depends on the outside chance that your child gets sick, than any cost would be oKay)If you have the extra cash to spend (and with a baby that extra cash goes away fast) I say go for it, but at the very least I'd Donate it.

Written by Gina on Jul 17, 2005

Thanks for the information Gina. I will look into the donation options.

Written by The Dad to Be. on Jul 17, 2005


Written by Superman on Jul 17, 2005

If you can afford it, do it.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 18, 2005

If you have the money, then it makes perfect sense to do it. When my baby girl was born a few years ago, we didn't have the $1000 cash they were asking for the service. But if we had the money we would have done it without even blinking an eye.The American OB/GYN community should push to have the procedure covered by health insurance plans. From a big picture point of view, it would help to support America's stem cell research efforts. The way things are going now, America could fall behind other Western nations, South America, Asia, etc. in the race to perfect stem cell therapies and cures, which would be a darn shame considering the fact the US is the wealthiest nation that has ever existed.

Written by on Jul 18, 2005

Donate the cord blood.

Written by V on Jul 18, 2005

If your child develops a condition (due to genetics) that you think might be treated by cord blood stem cell, then just remember that your child's stem cells will ALSO HAVE THAT CONDITION--so"banking" doesn't seem [to me] to be such a great idea.Donating seems like the thing to do, as the cord blood [donation] bank could have stem cells that are free of any genetic defect your child--or my child for that matter--may suffer from.Note: Consider that harvesting stem cells from cord blood requires cutting the cord while there's still blood in it. That blood could just as easily be allowed to go to your baby--i.e., don't cut until cord stops pulsing.After all, aside from hospital staff preference, there's no reason to deprive your baby of his/her own stem cells, eh?

Written by Anonymous on Jul 19, 2005

Our twins are due in a month and we are looking at donating. All of the current transplants using cord blood have been for siblings or family members, not for the actual donor child. As others say, if you have the extra cash, sure, but it is just an insurance policy right now, a numbers game, "what are the chances your family will need the match in the next 2, 5, 20 years?" If there is a family medical history to think of, maybe you should bank the blood.Congrats and good luck

Written by Norm on Jul 20, 2005

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