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Thank you.

Written on July 29, 2005 by Kevin.

I recently made a post titled Top 5 ways my baby will be similar to in which I tried to point out similarities among babies and Google. My co-worker took note of this posting and noticed at the bottom of it my comment about wanting the Google Onesie. He recently provided me with my first baby gift from anyone outside of the family. A big thank you to my co-worker. I really appreciate this gift. The following picture is the Onesie and a Google T-shirt I also have. Look forward to a picture of the baby and I wearing our shirts one day.
Google T-Shirt


Oh that onesie thingy's just too cute for words.

Written by dorna! on Jul 29, 2005

Yet more propaganda from the mime lobby, eh Dorna?

Written by AJ on Jul 29, 2005

I love onesies.This Google oneis so cute.Looking forward to see yourbaby's picture.MarieP.S.Enjoy the ride!

Written by maria on Jul 30, 2005

That's adorable!

Written by MomOf2 on Aug 3, 2005

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