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Written on July 27, 2005 by Kevin.

It looks like Avent has a new breast pump which actually is considered intelligent. The device monitors how you manually use the pump and will then simulate it for you. I am obviously no woman, but is this truly necessary? My father in law has mentioned a few times that the stroller we purchased was a high tech tank (it has a temp and time display), but this breast pump definitely seems high tech to me. Can any women ring in and give us their opinions on this idea?




As a working mom, I breastfed/pumped for my DD for the first year (she's 15 mo.) and I found the type pump is very important. I had an Ameda Purely Yours and really struggled the last few months due to lack of stimulation (she weaned herself at 10.5 months)due to just pumping. I was actually thinking about getting this pump when our next child arrives. If the pump does not mimic the stimulation that you get from a baby, then milk production falls off.

Written by Claire's mom on Jul 27, 2005

The type of pump is extreamly important. If you don't get the right "stimulation" then you are doing all the pumping for nothing. If you don't pay $200+ for a pump (and you plan to use it alot) then you are just setting your self up for failure.

Written by Gina on Jul 27, 2005

I can't speak to stimulation, but we use a Medela electric breast pump with no problems. You adjust the speed/force with the twist of a knob. If you have milk coming out properly, then a drop in milk production should not occur. Actually, it should increase if you regularly use the pump. When you increase the frequency of nursing/pumping, your body should adjust and increase milk production.

Written by AJ on Jul 28, 2005

I am a mom of one 3 mth old and the breast pump I buy is a very important decision. The reason I am thrilled and want to buy this pump is because I have Avents manual and it is great but not efficient enough for me. I would love to buy this pump but don't have the money for it. It will be the 1st thing I buy when I get my taxes back. Why do you guys even care??? Not to be mean, but we don't start a discussion on why you are interested in purchasing a gun that has all of the bells and whistles on it.

Written by Melissa on Feb 25, 2006

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