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The Daddy Difference

Written on July 2, 2005 by Kevin.

In the recent June 2005 Edition of Arizona Parenting they had a section relating to daddy information. They go into talks about how dads should be given alone time with the child(ren) and how fathers should attend doctor visits, ultrasounds and certainly the birth of the child. According to a recent National Center for Fathering report, nearly 40% of fathers between the ages of 25 to 44 did not know the name of their child's teacher. A more staggering number is that they say 33% of fathers have never attended a child's class event or school meeting. These numbers truely blow me away. I cannot understand why you would not want to see your child succeed in school/life. They go onto say that in another study that mothers and fathers who are highly involved in their childs education, earn much higher grades and generally enjoy school more. There is much more reading to be had... I would suggest picking up a free copy of this magazine at baby stores, and for people out of state, try this link.


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