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The minivan debate..

Written on July 6, 2005 by Kevin.

One thing that seems to come with starting a family are the thoughts of purchasing a minivan. It seems that many people buy one even though they only have a single child. Is this really necessary? From all reports that I can see, minivans never seem to go over 45mph. They are always extremely slow to respond to any road incidents and general are a pain to be stuck behind. I hope the day never comes that I have to go minivan shopping. I hope that my large sedan will keep the (soon to be) three of us with plenty of space. I just cant imagine having to face myself while I make car payments on a minivan for the following 3 years. Lets hope my wife's desire for a minivan doesn't outlast my dislike for them.


I had a minivan for years and was able to dump it. I bought a Toyota Highlander, & seater. I love it. The very back seat folds down for storage or fits 2 small kids.

Written by princessleah on Jul 7, 2005

Princessleah: What is your general opinion of minivans? What were the positives and negatives?

Written by The Dad to Be. on Jul 7, 2005

My friend has got his '99 minivan to 90mph he guesses :-PI would probably go with a VW vanagon, even though they wont go fast, and break down alot... um nevermindI am in the market for a "first car" ie Honda civic/accord

Written by nak on Jul 7, 2005

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