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The results are in. It's a BOY!

Written on July 9, 2005 by Kevin.

The day has finally come when we were able to find a definite answer that we are having a boy. We had the opportunity to get a 3D ultrasound which showed a much clearer picture of the inside of my wife's belly. It truly is an amazing technology and I would highly suggest it to anyone who is capable of purchasing a package. Below is one of the many pictures that we received as well as a short video. For those interested, Geddes Keepsake was the company who performed this ultrasound.

Movie: Click here.


That is really neat I have never see anything like it before in my life I cant wait for when i have a baby and get to have all these neat new things.

Written by Malinda on Jul 9, 2005

This is cool!!! Going to need a new section to the baby books...COMMING ATTRACTIONS!!! then burn this to a cd and slide it into the book.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 9, 2005

Whaaa? Nobody every told me babies can come from the factory with a chrome finish. I got duped!

Written by AJ on Jul 10, 2005

I prefer to consider it covered in gold. :)

Written by The Dad to Be. on Jul 10, 2005

Oh, bury that pronoun quick. "It" is a boy now. Mom won't stand for that much longer.Of course, here I am at 13 months and in the last few days, on several occasions, I have interchanged the baby's name with one of my cat's names.

Written by AJ on Jul 10, 2005

Just browsing thru...that movie is awesome. Your website is pretty neat! Enjoy your little one...they grow too fast :)

Written by Julie on Jul 14, 2005

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