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Tip of the day.

Written on July 31, 2005 by Kevin.

We all know that kids love to go to McDonalds and furthermore, they all love their happy meals. The tip of the day is simply to keep your McDonalds happy meal boxes and when your child needs cheering up or maybe wont eat their food, try putting it in a happy meal box. Sure, some kids may know the difference but I imagine many of them will think they are getting a grand ol' treat. You could even add some cheap toys to the box and top it off. I am curious to see if anyone will take this tip and report back their findings.


Thar be quite the idea... but I also think it be kinda sad to be feeding a baby mcdonalds... at least wait til the kid is at least 6... Found you through BlogAdvance... *clicked an ad, too*

Written by Captain Jeff on Aug 1, 2005

Don't know if this is a myth but I've heard of a burger being liquidised and fed to a baby!I don't think the the fake McD thing would work. But what would, is to get that style of box from the party shops - you can get different designs, and put your own great food and treats in it!As a parent, I don't think I could get away with trying to pass off something else as McDs.

Written by doris on Aug 1, 2005

my kids would hardcore evil eye me if i pulled something other than McD's out of a happy meal box.. it would turn into a a bloodbath.. well at least a juice bath

Written by Fidget on Aug 1, 2005

I hope you're kids aren't that stupid.

Written by Anonymous on Aug 1, 2005

UGH!!! That picture makes me sick!!! ALL kids don't love McDonald's. Mine would rather eat ground glass than fast food.

Written by panthergirl on Aug 5, 2005

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