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User Contribution: Good baby books?

Written on July 23, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I have gathered a small library of baby/child books from garage sales. I was wondering if anyone has good suggestions on books. I would ask that the books be for babies under 6 months. Thanks for all suggestions provided.


Any Eric Carle board books--the pictures are great, very colorful and eye-catching for little ones. Plus, they tend to be repetitious which little ones also love. And, if you get the board books, they aren't as easily destroyed by drool! Also among my favorites are the Miss Spider books (keep with the board books for kids under one year) and the DK books with real pictures of real animals and babies--another consistant favorite of infants.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 25, 2005

Peek-a-Who? and Ready, Set, Go by Nina Laden are 2 of my favorite board books--though better for 1 and up. My 8-month-old still isn't interested, but they were faves of my 5-y-o. In my experience, babies under 6 months aren't interested in books overmuch, except as objects to eat. They do seem to like pictures of other babies, though, and geometric shapes, etc. Stuff that is almost unbearable for the parent!

Written by Anonymous on Jul 25, 2005

Our daughter enjoyed any board book. For her it was mostly the experience of holding the book and turning the pages. She doesn't sit still very long and quickly grabs for the next book around.In terms of interactive books, try Peek-A-Boo Farm from the "Picture Me" series by You glue a photo of your baby's face on the last page (if you don't, there is a substitute baby's face there).Each page features babies in various animal outfits. In the center is a hole that shows your baby's face. Underneath the hole on each page is a piece of thin board you lift up and down in peek-a-boo fashion over your baby's face. My daughter understood this concept around the time she began playing peek-a-boo with us. The underside of each flip board has a photo background that continues the picture (e.g., you see your baby's arms cover your baby's face and then come back down again).

Written by AJ on Jul 25, 2005

Sandra Boynton is good too. We especially like "The Going to Bed Book" and "But Not the Hippopotamus."

Written by Anonymous on Jul 26, 2005

For newborns, see Tana Hoban's black & white image books see sample at ( Our girl was first exposed to the Priddy Books "Happy Baby" series ( at 8 months; she loves them still.Eric Carle--always a good choice. Goodnight Moon & Big Red Barn are fun for baby to page through. And books with textures, like Sandra Boynton's "Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy" are lot's of fun for babies of all ages ( also like the Maisy books ( all books are teething friendly..

Written by Anonymous on Jul 26, 2005

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will keep these in mind when Im out shopping next time for books.

Written by The Dad to Be on Jul 26, 2005

Board books are a must otherwise..... rrrrrrrrrrrip!(actually my daughter even ate the spines of board books, so they didn't last too long!)

Written by panthergirl on Jul 26, 2005

Good night moon. (after the 100th reading you can "read" the whole book while driving down the highway. Any board books with photos of babies or animals...babies love photos of stuff they know.Chicka-Chicka boom-boom, great abc book.

Written by Gina on Jul 27, 2005

"Goodnight Sweet Butterflies" 10 month old has loved it from the beginning. Great, colorful pictures and textures for baby to feel as well.

Written by Anonymous on Jul 28, 2005

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