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User Contribution: Name suggestions needed.

Written on July 19, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I are trying to narrow down our name choices for our newly discovered boy. We have a few names picked out but we are curious to see what other people would suggest. Please post a comment with your favorite boy names. We will take each of the names into consideration. Thanks.


I can't really make suggestions; of course I favor the names of my own sons but I can't post them here. Let me just say, they were very unique (certainly considered off the wall)at the time, and they were not something I came across in the fifty thousand baby names I pored through in books.The real challenge is finding something that suits a baby as well as an adult.Enjoy these exciting times...and good luck

Written by MomOf2 on Jul 19, 2005

I've often entertained the idea of changing my name to "Declan." It's a strong name. Not sure what it means, and it probably doesn't work if you're not of Irish or Scottish descent, but it's a cool name.

Written by Brad on Jul 19, 2005

My daughters having a baby in a few days, also a boy, but nixed the name I love:JackWhat do you think?.........

Written by Lisa on Jul 19, 2005

Jack is generally a strong name however a bit too common for us. Thanks for the contributions.

Written by The Dad to Be on Jul 19, 2005

First time visitor to your website, I thought I'd reply to this anyway :) Names I like: Evan, Sawyer, Dominic, Connor, Aidan, Logan, Jake, Eli. I think they're nice but not as common as David or Paul or something like that. :) Let us know what your favourites are, if you wish!

Written by Dee on Jul 19, 2005

The name we are leaning towards at this time appears to be Rylan. And we are thinking Caleb for the middle name. What do you think?

Written by The Dad to Be on Jul 19, 2005

If i was having a son i would name him Braylon i really like that name alot.

Written by WCNORMJV on Jul 20, 2005

I liked it, Rylan. But what about an 'unusual' name put together with a more common one? Just a thought. :)

Written by Dee on Jul 20, 2005

Dee, please explain this a bit more. Are you talking about an unusual first name and a more common middle name? My wife was thinking Rylan Jacob last night.

Written by The Dad to Be on Jul 20, 2005

KylerDevinRoyceEthanBraydanHaydenHunterWe took unusual and gave a common middle name.

Written by Linda on Jul 20, 2005

Exactly, just like Linda suggested. Two unusual names is a bit much and by giving them regular middle names, you give them something to fall back on, sort of speak. I like Rylan Jacob. :)

Written by dee on Jul 21, 2005

Watch the end credits of She's Having A Baby; you're bound to hear a name that you like.

Written by CT on Jul 21, 2005

check here for DON'T's... didn't know what we were having, and we shortened it down to this list for a boy (had a girl anyway)CiaranAtomMarcusTrevorEliI found the boys names SOOOOO much harder. They were either common, or rather....silly.Good luck!

Written by thordora on Jul 22, 2005

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