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What age to kick the pacifier?

Written on July 29, 2005 by Kevin.

I recently read an article from titled Toddler Pacifier Habits No Cause for Alarm in which they go on to explain that a child should be able to suck on a pacifier until the age of 5 years old. Previously researchers suggested the age of 2 to kick the habit. When do you think a child should have their pacifier removed? I would be quite concerned with a child if they were 5 years old and still sucking on a pacifier. To me, that just does not seem healthy. Not necessarily from a TMJ issue but likely from an emotional level. Would the kid have further un-addressed issues if he is still wanting the pacifier at that age? The following image was the results of a survey performed on in which they asked 'When should your child stop using a pacifier?' I am glad for once that I am considered the norm.


Don't you thing if they us a pacifer that long it would damage there new teeth and make them buck and have to pay for braces?

Written by WCNORMJV on Jul 29, 2005

From dealing with my brother when he was little, a child will give up a pacifier when he is good and ready. I think if you take it away too soon it will traumatize the kid. And 90% of kids nowadays get braces anyway.

Written by Ruby on Jul 29, 2005

At eight months, our daughter had an ear infection. She spit out her pacifier and quit cold turkey. Thereafter, she viewed pacifiers as a curiosity, as if they were toys.

Written by AJ on Jul 29, 2005

Our girl stopped using it at about 4-5 months - it frustrated her more than it pleased her. She prefers sucking/biting on toys or he hands. The other day (she is 8 months now) I tried giving it to her and after sucking on the nipple a little, she toyed with it and started biting on the handle, and then threw it away :). I'd say, if you use a pacifier to keep your baby 'quiet', you're doing the wrong thing, and I guess many people get into the habit of stuffing a pacifier in the baby's mouth as soon as it appears unhappy. After a while, the baby will get so attached to the object, that it is going to be hard to wean them from it...

Written by Dutchman in Dallas on Jul 31, 2005

My oldest was 1 when I took the pacifier away. That was hard, because at the same time I was transitioning him from the bottle to only using a sippy cup during the day.I got rid of the pacifier with my second child when he was 5 months. After two days he completely forgot about it.

Written by MomOf2 on Aug 3, 2005

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