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Beer for the kids?

Written on August 15, 2005 by Kevin.

I have a memory of being under 4 years old and my dad letting me try some beer. I have never been a huge fan of beer and who knows, maybe that's why. A company in Japan though wants your kid to be able to experience a kids version of beer. Kidsbeer is a new product aimed at kids from a company called Tomomasu. They have created a non-alcoholic beer that they hope will catch on for kids. It mimics real beer with its color, fizz and foam. There are many non-alcoholic beers out there but this one seems to take it over the line when they market it towards kids. It seems to me that kids may later on not think about the possible outcome of drinking too much beer. For now, the beer is only sold overseas but apparently it is very popular which would likely result in it coming to our shores. The last thing we need is a drunk kid getting behind the handlebars of his bike.

Link: Tomomasu KidsBeer [text in Japanese]

Kids drinking beer


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