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Belly shots.

Written on August 6, 2005 by Kevin.

Recently I have received a few request from visitors who would like to see pictures of my wifes pregnant belly. So with no further waiting, I present to you my beautiful wife's belly.

Pregnant Belly


Is she losing weight? Tape a strip on the floor for her feet and one for yours (or your tripod) so the shots are taken at the same distance.

Written by AJ on Aug 7, 2005

According to the doctor, she has gained weight as normal and her belly size has increased to match how far along she is. I agree she doesnt look to have grown much in the picture however in person she has definetly popped out in recent months.

Written by The Dad to Be on Aug 7, 2005

She looks beautiful and healthy. :)

Written by Skittles on Aug 7, 2005

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