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Child birth classes: Day 3

Written on August 25, 2005 by Kevin.

We had a successful walk around the hospital and I was able to confirm where I need to take my wife when she is nearing delivery time. The hospital is laid out very nicely and it seems that they do their best to secure everything. It seems that they put sensors on the umbilical cord that set off sirens if the baby is taken outside a 'safety zone'. This is good news because in the past I have heard babies being taken from our hospital. It seems that times have caught up and the security is likely increased significantly. We learned a bit about birth plans and what to write, and what not to write. A sample plan that a family wrote was basically a novel. Definitely not a good thing to have the doctor reading when you are delivering. Keep it to bullets and make it easier on the yourself and the doctor. This class I observed a husband/boyfriend that really seemed like he didn't want to be in class, and furthermore, dreaded the baby he will soon have. Maybe I am just jumping to conclusions but when you don't pay attention to anything, it says a lot. Its unfortunate that a lot of men cant get over the fact that their lives have changed and they need to accept it as a new start.


Just found your blog and hope to read more.

Written by Gia-Gina on Aug 26, 2005

I hope someday my hubby will actually even consider classes like these.

Written by The Missus Complains on Aug 26, 2005

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