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Dive bombers.

Written on August 30, 2005 by Kevin.

The past 2 nights now, my wife and I have gone swimming. The first night we watched as a bug flew up above and wham, dive bombed into the pool. Turns out it was a praying mantis. Now just last night, 3 more dive bombed in. Based on the wing designs, we think it may be the same one over and over. We are trying to find what it means to see a praying mantis. If I recall, it means something good. I just cant put my finger on it. Google comes up with a few different suggestions. One saying that praying mantis kneel when angels are near by. Furthermore, they say it is bad luck to kill or hurt a praying mantis (we helped him get to the side of the pool). Whatever the omen may be, we hope its a good one. Maybe one that promises good health, luck or fortune to our son. Maybe it just means the certain praying mantis was either intoxicated or wanted to jump in the pool to cool down. Anyone have any insight on this?


I found several references to colonial Americans believing that the praying mantis blinded people and killed horses.

Written by Thingamadad on Aug 31, 2005

The first thought that came to mind is that praying mantis = praying + man. Tis also a confirmed sign or signal since it occured more than once. The kneeling praying mantis can also be a picture of humility. Your embracing parenthood requires humility. When a man prays, it displays both humility & dependence upon God. Consider praying for the future manhood of your son as well as for your parenting influence in this child's life. God is called Father, yet He also reveals Himself in the Bible as having a mother's heart toward His children. The fact that you both saw the praying mantis (not just one of you) is a sign that intentionally includes you both--father and mother.

Based on the spiritual theme, water is usually symbolic of God's Spirit being present in a situation. I feel the sign of the bug's diving into the water, and the fact that it occurred multiple times, also has significance--1 dive on one day, followed by 3 dives another day. It may confirm your family expression of husband + wife + child (total of 3) derivng from one (1) husband-wife union. Three can also point to God's triune nature. The four dives can be symbolic of provision from four directions--the north, south, east, and west. Whatever doesn't fit or feel right about what is shared here, simply let it go.

Written by Glo on Sep 28, 2005

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