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How would you feel?

Written on August 2, 2005 by Kevin.

How comfortable would you be to enroll your child into a school which on their website they cannot spell correctly? I recently ran across a local schools website and they clearly made multiple spelling mistakes. The link can be found here.
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So the question is simply how would you feel about your school if they cannot perform correct spellings or even use a spell checker? Would you look down on these schools or simply let it slide? Does a simple typo make you wonder what other things the staff may be missing. I understand it may be some webmaster who made this page which is not really a school staff member but it seems that multiple people would have reviewed the content and one of them should have noticed the typos. What are your comments?

Link: Ashton Ranch Elementary : Kids at Hope


I so agree with you but I have a big BUT! I produce 2 school websites as freebies and basically, once they have sent me info to go on them then I am left to my own devices and could commit the same crimes against the language. And yes, sometimes I receive typos, spelling and grammatical errors from them.Or else, in some schools, web content is put in by the students and perhaps you caught it at a time when it had gone live but before a more knowledgeable person stood in and corrected it.I would certainly take into consideration a school's badly written website, but wouldn't let it hold me back. I'd also drop them a nice email with the urls of the pages concerned and where the gaffs are letting them know. Admin staff are often too busy or not actually technical enough to even access the website. It is a foolish and vicious circle having a website but not being able to manage it, or not having a website.

Written by doris on Aug 3, 2005

Oh, don't sting people with your spelling bee, or they'll be forced to point out little things such as... T-Shirt is hyphenated, ice cream is two words and Onesie is capitalized because it is a trademarked name.

Written by AJ on Aug 3, 2005

Spelling mistakes are going to happen no doubt but it would seem to me that multiple people would have reviewed the website resulting in someone catching it. Luckily I have my wife to hunt down mistakes that I make. Obviously as AJ pointed out, she needs fine tuning. :)

Written by The Dad to Be on Aug 3, 2005

It would definitely give me pause for thought, but in the end, I probably wouldn't let spelling errors alone make my decision. They may be perfectly wonderful people who nurture their little charges ten times better than the preschool with the beautifully correct web site, you know?If I were hiring them as writers or editors, that would be a different story.

Written by Suzi on Aug 3, 2005

I wish I could say that's rare's not. We live in a (supposedly) "great" school district and the last letter the parents got from the District Superintendent was FILLED with errors and typos. Makes you wonder, eh?Just surfed in from BE...great site!

Written by Lisa on Aug 3, 2005

I remember seeing memos from management at a grocery store I worked at while in college. Someone always took a red pen and corrected the typos and errors. Must have been an education major with a red pen.I assume many school systems use students to help design their websites, so typos will be a fact of life.What they really need is a good copy editor.You are right about having second thoughts if a school has a shoddy website. It's the same as a resume. If the school isn't willing to take the time to spell check and proof read their work, it may reflect on the school's overall management style.Deliberate Chaos

Written by Chris on Aug 4, 2005

This is what comes of phonetic spelling that modern schools are so in love with and the "don't mark them down for spelling because it'll hurt their self-esteem".People may not feel it's a deal-breaker to send their kids to that school, but employeers will routinely discard resumes like that.

Written by The Mad Perseid on Aug 4, 2005

You guys are way too nice. I feel it looks bad for the school. I realize from the looks of the web site it's a 1 man job so it is probably not a representation of the school. They probably figured they should have a web site but didn't want to put any effort into it. Which is the big reason I wouldn't be interested in this school. I know a lot of very smart people who can't spell worth a crap but, hello, anyone heard of spell checker or having someone check your work Typos corrected by spellchecker *5* Yep, can't spell worth a crap.

Written by Jennifer & Juan on Aug 5, 2005

Tidbits is one word, too.

Written by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2005

I would of walked away after seeing that unicorn on the principal's page...what the heck is that about? Does she think she is Bilbo Bagins's gal?

Written by jl on Jun 26, 2006

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