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My independent wife.

Written on August 9, 2005 by Kevin.

Before my wife was pregnant, she would ask me to do all types of things for her. This would include running upstairs to get her glasses which we come to find out are downstairs right next to her (oh the irritation). Now that my wife is pregnant though, she seems to want to be miss independent. She seems to have a tough time now asking me to do very minor things such as getting a glass for her or even throwing something away. I sometimes even have to yell at her when I feel she is doing something she shouldn't be; that could put herself and the child at risk. Is this normal for the woman to become more independent? I know my wife seems to get a kick out of it that I have to yell at her, but dang, just ask me to do something. The least I can do while you are pregnant is get you a glass of water.


I guess it's the maternal thing, or the change in hormones. She's trying to build a little nest around her and needs to feel capable of doing things rather than rely on others. She'll grow out of that once the baby is born! believe me lol!

Written by Mandy on Aug 9, 2005

I would say the same thing as mandy did above. Her hormones are preparing her to be a mother; that means taking care of another person, and if she can't even take care of herself... I doubt that she is consciously thinking as much, but that's the power of hormones for you.

Written by Storm on Aug 9, 2005

As a new Mom myself I can assure you this is totally normal. The last thing she wants to feel, (at least how it was for me), is that she's a burden. It's a hard adjustment to realize there's just some things you can't or shouldn't do right now and things that you conserving your energy.Be'll pass.

Written by Raida on Aug 9, 2005

I was the same way when pregnant. I can remember being close to my due date, and insisting on lacing my own boots even though I had to prop a leg on the dresser and sit on the bed... and then struggle to reach the laces/tie them without sight.. Yah and hubby wanted to tie them and I wouldnt let him. Something so simple.. sounds funny now ... It will pass.

Written by Jess on Aug 10, 2005

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