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Naptime anyone?

Written on August 10, 2005 by Kevin.

Before my wife became pregnant she worked a normal 8 hour day. With the increase of pregnancy related pain, my wife was basically forced to quit her job. She changed her job title from a paper shuffler to the guardian of the bed. One way around the pain, I understand, is simply to try and sleep through it. This would basically include sleeping through the day. My wife has taken this to heart and now naps(tries too) every single day. I have charted out my wife's sleeping habits for the past few days. I wish I could chart out exactly how many times she wakes up each evening/day due to being extremely hot. Besides the Arizona heat, the pregnancy hot flashes she experiences are difficult to live with. The house is normally under 75F and she remains hot while I'm shivering(yes I'm exaggerating) under the sheets. Why is it that my wife had to be one of the women who experience every negative pregnancy issue? What did she do to deserve this?
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Her body is telling her she needs to sleep, in preparation for when your baby comes along and neither of you will get any sleep.

Written by Sparkling on Aug 10, 2005

The sleeping thing will only continue after the baby is born. Someone will soon give you the advice, "When baby sleeps, you sleep." It is most definitely not, "When baby sleeps, get as much housework done as you can." She will be exhausted.

Written by Duane on Aug 15, 2005

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