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Pee-Pee Teepee

Written on August 18, 2005 by Kevin.

With a boy on the way, people always tell me to watch out when changing him. The common sprinkler statement then is told. I just came across a product which may allow me to put away my rain coat. The product is called the Pee-Pee TeePee by Urban Baby. They describe this as the ultimate diapering accessory for boys. It simply is a small cone shaped cloth that fits over the baby boys pee-pee and helps prevent the ol' faithful from spewing all over the place. This would certainly be a great item to receive from the grandparents (wink wink).

Pee-Pee TeePee by Urban Designs


you have to be kidding me? that is a real product?? Where was that when my boys were infants & sending me ducking a time or 2 while changing them?? LOL

Written by Jerzey Girl on Aug 18, 2005

Having had two boys, trust me, you don't need the "teepee". It's just another useless baby item that you'll most likely use once or twice then never again.

Written by malfouka on Aug 18, 2005

lol, it's not that big of a problem. I'll have to warn you after a few months you get to the point that you don't really care...what's a little pee, spit up, plum stain. wear patterned clothing!

Written by Gina on Aug 18, 2005

I am about to have a baby boy, and that product is very funny! However, I think having the next diaper ready in hand before removing the old one will work just fine. Time will tell ;-)

Written by Amy & Dan on Aug 19, 2005

Couldn't you just dip the baby's hand in warm water before removing the diaper?Maybe I've seen one too many M*A*S*H episodes.

Written by AJ on Aug 19, 2005

My only concern about this product is how exactly does this cone keep on top of the pee-pee? It appears to me that if the baby were to spray, the cone would go flying. It only would add to the projectiles in the air.

Written by The Dad to Be on Aug 19, 2005

I have 3 boys (no girls) so I think it's absurd and a waste of money. But, I guess to a new parent it could seem like an ideal thing to have. Trendy, maybe. But, I bet you'll let us know, right?

Written by Stacie on Aug 19, 2005

That's a really good idea. I wish that they had come up with that when my boy was a baby. We just used a wash cloth.

Written by Lisa on Aug 22, 2005

Having a boy myself, I'm not too sure that would even stay on, looks like a little wiggle and it could come off, I just used a facecloth for EACH and every change....never forget, that'll be the time you get sprayed :-)

Written by Susan on Aug 22, 2005

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