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Pregnancy makes you think..

Written on August 23, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I recently went out to eat at a sit down fast-food restaurant. The place was packed and I had to stand waiting for a table. I knew an older couple (maybe around 50) was also waiting for a table. When a table finally opened up, I went to grab it and the lady stepped in place. The woman had to know my wife was pregnant. Could she not have given up the seat for a pregnant woman? Did she never have kids of her own so she doesn't know how difficult it could be? Is this a manner that no one has anymore or simply, did it never exist in the first place? Having my wife pregnant seems to open my eyes to a lot of new things. Next time I see a pregnant woman standing while I'm sitting, why don't I offer her my seat? Of course, Ill probably get a beating from my wife who thinks I like her. *rolls eyes*


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