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Questions to Ask on Your Hospital Tour

Written on August 4, 2005 by Kevin. recently provided a large list of questions soon to be parents may want to ask on their tour around their hospital. This list appears to be extensive and helpful. Touring the hospital is probably like most situations where you have a list of questions but never remember which ones to ask. I for one will be taking note of the questions and asking them when my wife and I take our tour.

Link: Questions to Ask on Your Hospital Tour


This is good to know!

Written by Jawn Lam on Aug 4, 2005

As a professional labor assistant, I would also add that you should ask if the hospital allows you to bring your own labor assistant.L&D nurses, as wonderful as yours may be, go off duty when their shift is over. It doesn't matter than your wife may be an hour away from giving birth, or 8 hours. Having a labor assistant...a woman who has given birth and helped other women give invaluable. She will often come to the house when labor begins and then follow you to the hospital. She'll offer lots of suggestions for managing labor, help with massage, basically be as involved as you want her to be. One of my clients said, "When my husband said 'I know it hurts' I wanted to punch him. When YOU said it, I knew you really did know."Feel free to email me for more info, or go to ... the BEST resource for pregnancy and birth info on the web.

Written by panthergirl on Aug 5, 2005

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