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The Baby Einstein movies have arrived!

Written on August 9, 2005 by Kevin.

The Baby Einstein movies have arrived, subtitles and all. My wife battled on eBay for a 16 DVD boxed set and after about 2 weeks of trying, finally was able to win an auction. Surprisingly, these DVD's were actually in a professional box. I really figured I would get some middle-grade pirated Chinese bootlegs. Except for the Chinese subtitles, the DVD's play as normal and show no issues. From what people tell me, babies eat these movies up. We sampled a few of the DVD's and boy are they better than watching Barney or The Wiggles. Those shows are just crazy and would certainly test my nerves quickly. These Baby Einstein movies are much calmer and seem like they may just work on soothing the baby and keeping a young kid happy. Anyone have any good experience with these movies?


I've never seen them, but anything has got to be better than The Wiggles!

Written by drama mama on Aug 9, 2005

My little niece LOVED them. She was transfixed, and would calm down and just watch the screen in awe!

Written by Jelly on Aug 10, 2005

We don't have kids but my friends who do, LOVE them! The music is great, and we find they are hard to tear away from too. Great distractions for older babies too!

Written by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2005

I'll be the pooper and report that we haven't exposed our daughter to television. At a mommy's group there was a video on and it had transfixed a bunch of babies. Our daughter looked at it for a minute, then went back to playing. I'm actually kind of hoping that our shielding her from television at an early age will help break our own addiction. We've already reduced our viewing hours and given up recording missed shows, and I have to say I feel better for it.

Written by AJ on Aug 10, 2005

It helps them learn alot faster too because my friends 4 year old was really smart about 1 year old and at two knew colors and shapes and could count to 20 she has all of them and he just loves them to death.

Written by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2005

You have no idea. Baby Einstein is the best invention since no-spill sippy cups. My son loves them and at 19-months he has no idea who the Wiggles are, who Barney is, and has only a passing acquaintance with Elmo (thanks Grandma). I don't know about making him smarter but it keeps him very happy for a half hour without driving my husband and I absolutely crazy.

Written by ez on Aug 11, 2005

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