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The battle continues...

Written on August 7, 2005 by Kevin.

As if my wife was not having a terrible enough pregnancy, the battle wages on. The first 2 trimesters consisted of the normal pregnancy pain and sickness. The third trimester however brings the battle to a new level. My wife is now experiencing the Braxton Hicks contractions. The doctor says that these contractions basically prepare the woman's body for labor. She recently went to the doctor and they assured her that it should not be an issue. In addition to the new contractions, my wife has been experiencing other pain which the doctor now says is from the baby lined up correctly and pushing downwards. As the baby continues to grow and his bones get stronger, the pain will increase. I'll continue to support my wife the best way that I can.


Yeah they are pretty common. I have 4 kids and I can say they do hurt. I wish you both luck. OH nice site BTW!

Written by Skittles on Aug 7, 2005

This is where the cliche of keeping a pregnant woman off her feet rings true. After the baby drops into position, it's not so much fun. There are some techniques for applied pressure to the lower back that may help temporarily alleviate the pain.My wife ran the gamut of issues... two instances of pre-term labor, the baby dropped early, and she spent five months on modified bed rest. The worst part (other than worry) is the shear boredom you experience sitting around the house. The baby turned out fine, arriving on her due date.

Written by aj on Aug 8, 2005

Er, BTW, I didn't mean to forecast gloom. Braxton Hicks contractions are of course normal.

Written by AJ on Aug 8, 2005

Your wife is lucky to have you on her side to support her. Those BH contractions are a pain.

Written by funlearning on Aug 8, 2005

Try...YogaSwimming (takes away pressure)Hands and knees rockingSitting on a birth balland of course, drinking lots of fluids to help with the Braxton Hicks.

Written by aj on Aug 10, 2005

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