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Yard sale find + timeless classic = fatherly fun

Written on August 21, 2005 by Kevin.

After driving around yard sale hunting for over an hour, I finally came across a home with a few baby items. The first thing to catch my eye was an antique looking rocking horse. I figured she would ask maybe somewhere around the $10 range but to my surprise, she asked a mere $1. Without even looking to see if the item was in good shape, I snagged the horse. First thing to come to my mind was simply sanding it down and repainting it. I began that task today as well. The sanding has begun and the touch up of paint as well (thanks to my mother).

Everyone agreed that the horse appeared unique and possibly an antique. The 1930's first came to the mind of my step-father. After a bit of Googling, I was able to find the rocking horse for sale at many online retailers. Turns out, the rocking horse is an OFFI Baltic Rocking Horse Chair, imported from Europe. The same rocking horse has been in production for over 50 years and generally sells for nearly $60. The paint and general wear would lead me to believe that my rocking horse is at least 10+ years old. I hope to have this rocking horse restored in the next few days. This horse will go great with the other recent purchase I've made (Schylling wooden alphabet blocks). For now, here is one picture to show the beginning of the restoration journey. There is nothing better than sanding in the garage in the Arizona summer (wipes sweat off forehead).

Link: OFFI Baltic Rocking Horse Chair at

Rocking Horse Restoration


You got lucky with the rocking horse! That is an amazing deal for one $1.Dr. FilBA~~49

Written by Dr. Fil on Aug 22, 2005

I love the rocking horse, and I'm sure your child will too. It's amazing what you can find at yard-sales and markets these days isn't it?BA~~29

Written by Mandy on Aug 22, 2005

Great find.I love great deals.

Written by pantrygirl on Aug 22, 2005

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