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Birth Announcements

Written on September 8, 2005 by Kevin.

Used by the European elite beginning in the late 17th century, birth announcements have been used by the royal class to announce the new member of their family. Hot wax seals were used to close the envelope and servants would hand deliver them to their recipients via horseback.

Last time I checked, I am not one of the elite and I certainly don't own a horse. My wife and I have however dedicated the past few nights towards creating our own birth announcements. While we did not handwrite them like in the past, we used a new modern technology called the computer. We are curious to see peoples opinions on our creations. Please leave a comment with your opinions. We are looking to use one of these designs if everything works out.

Click image to enlarge.


I really like the one with the baby foot. Is Oct. 21 his due date or do you have a sceduled C-section? I know a lot of people who have choosen a due date and had a c-section just cuz.

Written by Jennifer & Juan on Sep 8, 2005

The 21st of October is her due date but we believe the baby will come earlier than that.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 8, 2005

I like the frog and bunny ones but that's because I like frogs and bunnies.

Rylan is a pretty name.

Written by pantrygirl on Sep 8, 2005

Is it a card, or a postcard?

I'd do postcards. Print the address side now. You'll be exhausted the first week.

After the birth, take a photo, run home, put the photo on the postcard, plug in the vital statistics, and print 'em all out.

You may be overthinking this though. How many recipients don't have e-mail? An instant e-mailed photo may be much better.

Written by Thingamadad on Sep 8, 2005

Currently, the images are 6x4 but could easily be turned into postcards. Btw, this url is not in full swing yet. However it will be once DNS gets changed. When that will happen, I dont know. In the meanwhile, please continue to post at the old url. Thanks.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 8, 2005

i really like the foot one alot it is so cute.

Written by WCNORMJV on Sep 9, 2005

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