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Written on September 4, 2005 by Kevin.

A big congratulations to my buddy from high school who just had his first child. Baby Madisyn, born September 1st. Mother and daughter are both doing well. I think my wife is already planning play dates. For those interested in seeing pictures (when they become available), take a look here.


"Mother and daughter are both doing well."I realize the mother is numero uno and the baby comes next, but what about the father? Did his life not change over the last 9 months? Did he not help the mother through the long haul of childbirth? Did he not have intense stress and responsibilities during the birth and won't he have them in the coming weeks? (er, the coming years!) I am in awe that single mothers even exist. I am in awe that not too many years ago fathers sat in a waiting room and once home, mothers did everything. The birth experience and first weeks can be overwhelming.FYI, that photo site doesn't load for me. Blank page in Firefox and my Internet Explorer is configured to prohibit Active X controls. Looks like it's designed for unsecured IE users.

Written by Thingamadad on Sep 4, 2005

I understand and agree that the father has been through alot and will go through alot soon but after the pregnancy, the focus should be mainly on the wife and baby seeing as they went through the most in the past few days. From all reports, the father is doing well also.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 5, 2005

Yes, the mother has the most important task at hand before, during and after birth, but the focus should be on the family. How the family is doing. A father who breaks down and becomes inattentive or ineffectual can make the mother's experience pure hell. A family is the sum of its parts. Just you wait The Dad To Be. You'll see.(Ooh, I love that debating technique... I can pretty much disregard out-of-hand anything with that technique until you're The Dad That Is. Seriously, you need to give considerable thought to the long-term durability of your moniker.)

Written by Thingamadad on Sep 5, 2005

On a side note, it looks like pictures are up.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 5, 2005

Wow, if this guy is your highschool buddy then you must be right around the same age. I comment on this b/c he and possibly you seem young. Their baby was simply gorgeous. I am glad to hear all is well. Can't wait for my little bundle.

Written by Gia-Gina on Sep 5, 2005

We both have been out of high school for over 6 years now.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 5, 2005

Congrats on your age. We waited to our early thirties and I sort of regret that now. We have a lot of camping trips ahead of us. I'd like to be 5 or 10 years younger when I'm chasing after my kid on the mountain trail.

Written by Thingamadad on Sep 5, 2005

6 years out of high school, that's still very young, congrats though. I was not ready then but now I am.

Written by Gia-Gina on Sep 6, 2005

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