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Dilation has begun, sort of.

Written on September 30, 2005 by Kevin.

You may be asking yourself, "what is that circle up above?". Well, that is about how far dilated my wife is currently. After a very painful day for my wife which involved me taking part of the day off to rush her to the hospital, we are back home. A month of pains which restrict her movement and now sharp pains throughout today, the pregnancy has certainly not been fun for her. Today however we found out that she is now roughly 0.5cm dilated. I guess we can consider this a milestone and possibly a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Here's to hoping that the rest of the 10cm comes quickly.


My wife just gave birth to our first daughter last friday morning, and let me tell you, it was no easy process.

They put her in a hot tub to induce labor as she was only 3.5 centimeters dilated, when she got out, she was 9 cm dilated. Everything after that came pretty quickly, baby included.

Written by Justin Kozuch on Oct 1, 2005

I am very curious about the hot tub idea. I have read that pregnant women should not go into a hot tub because it can basically fry the baby. Do you know anything specific like what temperature or for how long she was in there? Thanks.

Written by Kevin on Oct 1, 2005

First, a birthing tub is not a hot tub. A birthing tub in a hospital usually looks somewhat like a bath tub and its water heater should have a controlled temperature several degrees lower than in a standard hot tub. But ya know, this is something to discuss with your doctor.

Second, Kevin, your wife may be only 0.5cm as you showed on this blog posting, but if you install the Opera web browser and use the screen magnification option, you can see the baby's head! WOOT!

Third, sorry to say, 0.5cm is also called "fingertip" and, uh, she can be 0.5cm for quite some time.

Written by aj on Oct 1, 2005

Hot tub and a birthing tub are certainly not the same thing. Temperature control would certainly be key and I certainly would not have my wife get into a tub/hottub without medical supervision. I do think I should inquire about a hot tub at our hospital and see if its an option. Anything to help out the process we will definetly look into.

As for the dilation, its a step forward. Its just good to know that the wait will soon be over and my wife can hopefully get a bit of comfort from the pain. Of course the pain will likely be replaced with lack of sleep. Fun stuff.

Written by Kevin on Oct 2, 2005

To clarify, what I meant to say is that I don't think you'll find a hot tub at a hospital. Whatever water option they offer is probably called a birthing tub, even if it's not being used for a water birth (because they can be used to decrease the pain of contractions).

Our hospital had a bathtub-like birthing tub in the room, but we opted to rent a much larger rubber-like birthing tub prior to being dilated enough to head to the hospital.

Written by aj on Oct 3, 2005

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