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Father Figurine.

Written on September 4, 2005 by Kevin.

It's a cold day in hell. I have made in the past, comments about how you rarely see baby related items geared towards the father. While flipping through the recent company catalog of Current, my wife found a father figurine cut out of wood. To my surprise, the figure was actually nice looking. First off, the father displayed is a younger father and doesn't have gray hair like many others I have seen. It seems that companies believe that fathers have gray hair. Maybe they know something I don't know, does a baby cause gray hair? The figurine is a 6 inch tall piece of willow wood and is something I wouldn't mind having on my desk. Here is to hoping that more companies will take notice, and manufacture some items towards new fathers.

Link: Willow Tree By Demdaco “New Dad” Figurine

Willow Tree By Demdaco “New Dad” Figurine


That looks beautiful :)

Written by Cat on Sep 12, 2005

I love Demdaco. They make many beautiful family-based figurines and I'd love to collect them all one day. Or atleast my favourites =)

Written by Meryl on Oct 4, 2005

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