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Heritage Collection Glider Rocker with Ottoman

Written on September 20, 2005 by Kevin.

My wife and I have been on the hunt for a nice rocking chair that would work well for her and the baby. Unfortunately, that idea was shot down when we came to find out they cost a bit over our budget and any garage sale find had yet to be found. Flipping through the weekly ads however showed us the Heritage Collection Glider Rocker with Ottoman from Kmart. The store itself when we went in was a ghost town. I have never seen such an odd ball bunch of employees and a store completely empty in the middle of the day. It was a site to be seen in itself. The glider rocker however was on sale and seemed to match our existing room color perfectly so after much waiting (rain check) and being passed around to about 8 people, we were told it was in stock.

Overall, the glider rocker works great for our room. Frees up a bit of space compared to what we had in the corner prior and generally looks much better. The assembly time on this was next to nothing. A mere 20 minutes as the parts are nearly completely assembled out of the box. General blemishes here and there confirm the reason for the lower price but looks good none the less. My wife seems to enjoy the comfort of it however for me, the thing is rock hard. The padding may just need some time to relax but dang its like sitting on a brick. I think for the price paid ($79.99), it was a great deal compared to some of the higher priced glider rockers and rocking chairs. I would suggest testing the chair out prior to purchasing it however, to make sure its a comfort you can handle.


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