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How-to: Swaddle

Written on September 5, 2005 by Kevin.

Swaddling is the technique used for soothing young babies by wrapping the infant snugly in a blanket so that arm and leg movements are restricted. Swaddling gives the baby a snug feeling that they are used too when being in womb for months. Most babies will respond to this method and quickly calm down. Swaddling is a great technique that can be used for a suggested 4-6 weeks. Below is a How-to on swaddling for those parents who are not certain on the steps. There are many different ways to swaddle a baby and this is just one of them. Click here for a Google search for swaddling techniques.
How to swaddle image.
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Genius. If you're swaddling an inanimate doll it will never wriggle free of the swaddle. Pure genius!Er, seriously, my daughter would wake up crying if she couldn't unwrap herself. So I learned the master craft of loose swaddling that holds while the child falls asleep, but breaks open within a couple hours. I call it the "sloppy technique." I'm waiting to hear back about my patent application.

Written by Thingamadad on Sep 6, 2005

Not all babies are as still as the cabbage patch kid? I think I need to rethink this father thing.

Written by The Dad to Be on Sep 6, 2005

There are a few swaddling blankets that have velcro so the kid does not sneak out. I was a professinal nanny for years and this techinique did not work for all the kids, but when it worked it was a miracle.

Written by Gia-Gina on Sep 6, 2005

I f you tuck the top part above the shoulders under the arm and the across it helps alot better to keep them from moving around as much.

Written by spikedjuggalo on Apr 19, 2008

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