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Lullabub Cot Rocker

Written on September 23, 2005 by Kevin.

Lullabub Cot RockerEveryone you speak to has different methods to soothing a child, but the most often heard one would certainly be the fact that babies love the car vibrations. With this in mind, Australian company BabyHugs has created an "innovative product that will gently rock a cot". The Lullabub Cot Rocker has 4 modules (feet) that are attached to the bottom of the crib and with 4 different settings, can simulate the ride in a car. The company believes that this device could benefit the entire family by allowing everyone to sleep better.

The device idea seems like a great one and the concept seems like it would work well for the child. The company has not released a possible price however they believe the product will be available to purchase online in the late part of 2005. One could only imagine that the price of this will be high. Only time will tell whether or not it will become another product that can be passed on or if parents wont be able to live without it.


This person should be congratulated. I am soooo exhausted it is not funny. Every mom will want this and dad for that matter. Thankyou babyhugs

Written by Fay on Sep 28, 2005

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