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One way to deal with your children...

Written on September 16, 2005 by Kevin.

11 adopted children were recently discovered to have been locked in 40in deep X 40in tall cages. Kids ranging from ages 1 year old to 14 years old were taken from this awful situation. The parents, Michael and Sharen Gravelle, 56 and 57, allowed a Department of Job and Family Services officer enter their home and after seeing a "little face" behind a cage, he immediately was issued a search warrant. According to one of the boys, he told authorities that he was forced to sleep in the cage for the past three years.

Its amazing how the adoption agencies never picked up on this issue. The parents must have done a wonderful job at hiding the evidence. The parents seemed to believe that it was alright to have their children locked in cages which leads me to believe that they possibly did not hide what they were doing. At least 2 neighbors reported the issue, one after the neighbor noticed the children working in the yard for a long amount of time. On a good note, they say that the children showed no signs of being malnourished or physical abused. Read more here.

On a side note, if you are interested in caging your teenage daughter who wants to get herself in trouble by sneaking out, try this on for size. The teenager cage, yours for only $999. [Link] [satire]


I read this about 2 days ago and thought it was really horrible but also how could the state let these people adopt so many kids. It's a real mystery to me. They should be locked up.

Written by Gia on Sep 16, 2005

It appears that this story hasnt had much mainstream publicity for some reason. Its a sad story but news feeds seem to eat those up.

Written by Kevin on Sep 16, 2005

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