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Written on September 22, 2005 by Kevin.

I am always looking for more parenting information on the Internet and recently, I have attempted to find some great parenting forums. Just like father and mother blogs, there is a plethora of forums. Some of these are better than others but all of them have a couple significant issues.

First off, while mother blogs outnumber father blogs by the thousands, this holds true on the forums. I imagine if you take a look at the memberlist of one of these forums, the numbers will be similar to 1 male to every 150 women. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of men to generally not feel welcomed and furthermore, the information from a mans standpoint is hard to find.

Two pet peeves of mine when it comes to forums occur within the signatures that many people create. It seems that women mainly like to fill their signature with a large amount of randomly sized baby pictures that are not coordinated at all. It seems that the signatures have turned into a battleground among these women and they are fighting to see who can pile in as many pictures as possible. Now great, you may think you have a great looking baby but after you have posted 4 times on a thread, I am just sick of seeing your child and will stop following the thread soon after. Call me a grouch, but that's the way it is. Furthermore, in between these baby pictures are randomly placed blinkies. Blinkies for those who dont know are those small images that have blinking edges, dots or text. Quite possibly one of the most annoying trends to hit the Internet in quite a few years. Luckily, these blinkies are commonly only seen on teenage girl websites and mother forums. Again, just like the baby pictures, it seems there is a contest to see how many of these blinkies one person can put into their signature. The combination of the 2 creates a very distracting collage of junk. Junk that only adds to the page length and load time.

Here are a few of the forums that I sometimes checkout.
Baby and Me


The photos annoy me too, mostly because they hinder the readability of discussions. A better solution would be to link each user's name to a personal photo gallery hosted by the forum.

Written by AJ on Sep 23, 2005

I agree on the parenting forums... the one I frequent the most only lets your siggie show ONCE per thread. (or thread page, depending on how many posts...). Another good idea for forums is size limits, which occurs on my other favorite forum.

Written by TNV on Sep 9, 2006

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