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Snacks for the mom.

Written on September 11, 2005 by Kevin.

Ensure, the company best known for their nutrition drinks, has recently come out with their Healthy Mom products which include snack bars and nutritional drinks. Both of these are geared towards pregnant women and mothers and are too be used in addition to their prenatal vitamins.

My wife recently picked up a box of the 'Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Snack Bars' and she is surprisingly happy with them. My wife can best describe them as being similar to granola bar and while she does not like granola bars normally, these she has no troubles eating. I agree that the consistency is somewhat similar but I believe that they are quite a bit more dry. The taste of the bars however are not that bad, especially for a nutritional bar. We have not yet tried the 'Fudge Graham' flavor but will likely in the future. Ensure also has nutritional drinks for moms that come in 'Homemade Vanilla' and 'Creamy Milk Chocolate' flavors.

After a bit of surfing, I came across a rebate form where Ensure will reimburse you for your purchase. I was also able to find a free sample form.

Update: My wife has now tried the 'Fudge Graham' and believes that it may be a bit better than the 'Chocolate, Chocolate Chip' tasted before. It doesnt seem to be as dry is the big reason why its better. I personally think that the flavor will get old quickly and would prefer the chocolate between the two.


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